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Iron, Opioids and great information

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Hello all

I belong to the RLS Foundation, as do many of you. But for those who do not, I have just discovered, by chance, that some of their best lectures, from some of the best experts, are now available on YouTube.

Here is the lecture from Doctor Christopher Earley of the Mayo Clinic, on Iron in RLS. It is unassailable science from a renowned expert, for those of you who have skittery doctors.

The history of how we arrived at 'normal iron levels' is particularly interesting.

Follow this link, and you will discover other lectures from the Foundation. And bear in mind that the RLS Foundation is a non-profit, and the scientists involved are not being paid by Pharma, but by members and donors.

And then, please, join the Foundation, because the work they do is helping all of us.

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Very interesting. Thank you.

Cheers for this.x

Thank you!

The foundation is a fantastic resource and well worth the support of anyone who can afford the (relatively modest) joining fee.

Excellent, thanks!

Dr. Early is not at the Mayo Clinic. He is at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore. He is actually my doctor. Anyone living in the state of Maryland who suffers from RLS should try to get in to see him. It takes a while to get an appointment but it’s worth it.

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Hi I have only just seen this post in which you state that Dr Early is your Doctor (How lucky are you) What actual treatment and advice has he given you and has it worked? I would also like to thank him for the research he has done so far, I so wish a cure could be found Best wishes

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He put me on a low dose of Gabapentin the first time I saw him 4 years ago. After I had my bloodwork done and discovered that my ferritin was 70 he had me have an iron infusion. It helped for about 6 months but even though my ferritin jumped above 600 it didn’t continue to help my RLS. For some people, it’s not the ferritin level that is the cause of RLS. My Gabapentin was increased to 600 mg which has helped for a long time. He advised me to take it a few hours before bedtime so it would get in my system. I had tried 10:00, then 8:30 but 7 pm works best for me. The main thing, though, is NOT to get in the bed until you are really, really SLEEPY, not just tired. This advice has really helped a lot.

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Thank you Marsha for your quick reply. Best Wishes

Sorry Marsha, of course he is! I was just so happy to find this talk publicly available that I tripped over my tongue.

Lucky you! I am green with envy. Do give him all our best wishes and thanks, from all over the planet.

I am very lucky to have him as my doc! He’s so busy that he will only accept patients from Maryland because he wants people to come and actually see him. If he has patients outside of Maryland he would spend all day on the phone.

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