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Restless Legs Syndrome
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RLS and Iron Infusion

I am John, a patient of Dr. Michael Earley at Johns Hopkins, Baltimore, MD, USA and have had two of the iron infusion treatments for RLS. I have experienced RLS since 1991 and had all of the possible drugs. I have benefited from the infusions, but have not been among the fortunate 33% who experienced the best outcome. The research at Johns Hopkins has great promise. As most of you know, RLS has a strong genetic component and their research will most certainly benefit future generations.

In the US, RLS folks join the RLS Foundation, a very helpful organization (tips, latest info, etc.). If you have not explored, I strongly, again very strongly, suggest that you do. I am not an officer, just someone with severe RLS.

The Foundation will have a webinar with Dr. Earley concerning the relationship between RLS and iron on January 25.

You may wish to check it out.

Wishing you good sleep in 2018.

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Thanks for posting John. I will definitely have a look at the US site to catch Dr Earley's webinar. i'm pleased you have benefitted from the Iron infusions. Presumably you will still need to take meds?

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Yes, primarily on 1800mg of gabapentin plus other.


Just FYI, it’s Dr. Christopher Early....


Well, I did make an serious error.

My doctor's name is Christopher J Earley--not Michael. Here is a link to his information about Dr. Earley and a second link with video on his research. My apologies.




Truth be told - the Hopkins website saved my RLS life! I would be using DAs with everyone else except for one sentence: "Since the 1950s, it has been known that iron therapy, even without the presence of anemia has benefits for RLS symptoms." I used Ferrous Bisglycinate and never had to resort to pharma. RLS is still there - just waiting for a trigger and still promoting insomnia most nights.


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