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Iron has helped!

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Hi all,

I took the advice of my doc and started an iron regimen about 6 months ago. I was skeptical as I had already been on it for 3/4 weeks and had not gotten relief. That said, I had heard that it can take several months to take effect. I have found that taking it first thing in the morning with Vitamin C (powder form) (iron needs the Vitamin C to work) an hour before I eat has done the trick and I am essentially RLS free!! I have also "cleaned" up my diet a lot and am essentially grain free and dairy free and I believe that this has contributed to the respite too. I have heard that stimulants cause problems so I avoid caffeine and try to avoid sugar.

I do have something called Propio Spinal Myoclonus that has developed since the onset of my severe RLS however and it has a lot in common with RLS but is not as debilitating. I am in a better place and wanted to share the success with you guys.

13 Replies
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That’s wonderful. So pleased you’re getting relief. Thanks for sharing, it’s great to hear good news.

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Good news, indeed.

I would just mention that Professor Chris Earley points out that the brain does most of its iron absorption at night, there is a distinct circadian rhythm, and he advises taking the supplement + Vitamin C two hours after supper, on an empty stomach. It would work faster that way.

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Thank you for sharing! I will try to adjust my schedule. My iron numbers climbed pretty substantially over the course of several months in spite of taking it in the morning.

Thank you for taking the time to post. It’s rare to get the good news stories. Your experience reinforces the anecdotal accounts of others about diet also.

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Thank you. Gives me added incentive to keep at it. It's easy to become fatalistic and think that nothing is going to work!

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It is (easy to get fatalistic) ...I have been there and I feel for you and with you. I think I have been helped by both the dietary changes and the iron.

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Can you tell me what type of iron are you taking and in what dosage? What dosage of Vitamin C? Thank you.

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Yes, I started on Ferrochel Iron Chelate (based on the recommendation of an integrative medicine physician's assistant). The supplement facts say: Ferrous Bisglycinate Chelate. The serving size is one cap per day at 27 mg/150% of Daily Value. I took the whole bottle which lasted me 4 months and then I have since picked up a bottle of Iron Caps at my local food co-op. They are Iron/Rice Protein Chelate. 1 cap is 18mg/100% Daily value. I hope this helps!

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I am very glad to hear your good news. I would just raise one caution, however: severely restricting or eliminating all grains leads to a very unbalanced diet. Without grains, it will be almost impossible to get enough dietary fiber. Among other positive effects of fiber, recent research has determined that the beneficial bacteria in the gut depend on fiber to thrive. Those bacteria have many positive effects throughout the body and brain, such as lowering inflammation. So it might be worthwhile to try reintroducing some grains into your diet, and see if that can be done without exacerbating your RLS symptoms.

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Thanks for your comment. Yes, there is So much interplay between the benefits of food and our bodies needs. I hear you but I have severe fatigue that tends to result from eating grains. In general, I have a lot of difficulty getting enough fiber because of my many food sensitivities. But, I do hear your point. Thanks!

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Hi, how are things going with the iron after a year? I also have PSM which has attenuated over a decade. Are you familiar with any PSM groups, support or otherwise?

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