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Twitching Toes and Sleeplessness


Just lately I realized that my twitching toes have been mostly the cause of insomnia and not the many other reasons I had supposed. It strikes when at rest just as I hit the mattress. I am right back on my feet pacing the house for about 45 minutes then try to sleep, only to realise it's not over. So I'm up again and again until sometimes past 3am. Of course I get up as usual feeling terrible day after day. My professional life has suffered for many years until I could not function very well. My doctor thinks it's iron deficiency so I will try it. Would toe removal work? :) I'll try anything at this point. If anyone can identify with my symptoms I would love to hear from you.

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Chainsaw just below the knees may provide some temporary distraction.

Sounds like the iron deficiency may be the right track, and a better option.

What are your current ferritin levels? Should be over 100 for rls relief.

Good luck- and a plus for your doctor.

Ferritin Level - I hope to find out if it is over 100. Thanks for the heads up. Going for a blood test soon. Actually the temporary distraction sounds a bit appealing right now :)

My RLS was severe - during the day my feet were "buzzing" and I was constantly raising my toes. I learned to take it as a sign that my RLS would be bad that night. I was fortunate - iron supplements totally eliminated my RLS symptoms. (Ferrous Bis-Glycinate).

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Hey, just reading through some old posts and the first line in your post had me roaring! You don’t know how many nights I thought about using that method. Fortunately daylight arrived🤪. I just had 2 iron infusions and the legs have quieted down to once in awhile and not as severe as earlier. Doc said I may have to have a booster in the future. That’s what I call optimism at my age, lol.

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Good for you!


Just your toes? Lucky person! I don't mean to belittle your experience as many underestimate the health consequences of even mild RLS. It is a sleep disorder and , as you're experiencing can have a major impact on your life.

If you have had a blood test and it shows you have iron deficiency, which is known to cause RLS then don't hesitate to try it, DO IT.

It sounds as if that might be the solution. Sorry to say, despite the impact this is having on your sleep, your condition is mild, so could be iron deficiency.

If amputation was a good solution, forget toes, forget below the knee amputation, I'd have to have my head amputated.

There are other things you could try (as well) that are advised for insomnia, many, try googling them.

If the twitching doesn't settle with iron therapy or it spreads to your legs, arms. shoulders or if whoever you share a bed with says you kick them when you do actually go to sleep. Go see your doc again.

Good luck

Definitely try infusion, I did and it helped a lot. RLS is almost totally inactive after 2 iron infusions. I suffered a couple of years with 3-4 nights of no sleep and then finally a 6 hour night of sleep. But this was my normal for these 2 years. I haven’t had a regular blood work up yet but I have much more energy. I am going to take the iron tablets I have left from pre-infusion days. I hope you get the same results I did it’s great. I just read a response from Madlegs1 and boy did I ever have those thoughts many nights, lol🥴 Good luck!

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