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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Wondering if I have restless leg

Hey there. Found this forum while trying to work out what has been driving me nut recently. Can't remember when it started but I know it has been on an off for some time.

Best way to describe what I feel, (and feeling this as I type as it's preventing me from sleeping), is a sensation in my knee and calf, like a constant pressure and need to stretch my legs. It's like an ache without any pain. When I am in bed, I'm constantly needing to move my legs, no matter how hard I try to stay still. I have a physiological need to try and stretch my legs to make my knees click, but even when I achieve the click, the pressure doesn't ease off.

Getting up and walking helps a little, but the pressure doesn't go once it starts. I normally end up awake until I am extremely tired, at which point the need for sleep overrides the feelings in my leg and I can sleep. I average about 6 hours sleep, sometimes a lot less, sometimes a little more.

It's not every day, but seems to come and go in chunks of days. Sometimes I may have up to a week without this, but it inevitably comes back. Or I run on so little sleep, that I end up passing out through exhaustion at the end of a long week.

From everything I have read, it sounds like RLS is probably what it is, and I will seek to see my GP soon. But I just wanted to find out if the above is familiar in terms of how I feel and describe the symptoms.

Many thanks in advance for any and all help and advice given!

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Sounds familiar to many on here.

One simple test may be to try Paracetamol or Iboprufen ( whichever you are able to take) and if that has no effect, then very likely to be rls.

Next step is to keep food diary and check for 'coincidences'.

Many things trigger rls- which according to the episodic nature of yours is highly likely.

Medications are also high on list of culprits- antihistamines and anti depressants themain ones.

Check uk rls website.

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I recognise those feelings, take a look at the diagnostic criteria for RLS:


I really hope it is something else. Be aware that side effects of some drugs can be restlessness as can withdrawal from drugs so be sure to check any drugs you are taking,

Good luck.

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Thanks Madlegs1 and raff.

I really appreciate the input. I have booked a GP appointment next week Wednesday. My legs are still feeling it now, and I've been at work the last 5 hours. Doesn't bode well for tonight!

I do drink caffeinated drinks throughout the day and evening. I'm going to cut them off about 6pm and switch to water. See if that has an effect. Get the worst caffeine headaches after about 24 hours if I don't have any, so a little reluctant to stop completely. (Although I know I should).

Also going to take paracetamol and ibuprofen before bed. Thank you for that suggestion!

Apart from asthma inhalers, (turbo-inhaler) I don't take regular medicines for anything. When I drink, I tend to over indulge, so I don't let myself drink normally. Once a month or so? Given Christmas, I have had a fair bit to drink over last week or so but nothing for a couple of days now, and unlikely to for a while.

I did have a look at the diagnostic criteria, and can tick off, everyone. I'm going to start paying more attention and keeping a diary, but I'm guessing it's intermittent not chronic, as there are times I don't notice it for a bit.

Thank you both for your input!


Drink is a killer for RLS - If I even have one it ramps them up quite a bit. Also caffeine is another problem substance for us.

I don't know what's in the turbo inhaler but I know Ventolin syrup which as many knows treats asthma used/still does contain sulphides which are known to exacerbate asthma! Do you notice things worse if you have to take more of your inhaler


Havent touched a drop since Boxing Day. Hasn't made a difference, and I don't recall that things get worse when I do.

Caffeine I will work on! :)

The inhaler contains; Per 80/4.5 mcg turbuhaler Budesonide 80 mcg, formoterol 4.5 mcg. Per 160/4.5 mcg turbuhaler Budesonide 160 mcg, formoterol 4.5 mcg. Per 320/9 mcg turbuhaler Budesonide 320 mcg, formoterol 9 mcg.

I haven't notices my daily inhaler or the ventolin one making things bad. I'll pay attention and check next time I take!

Thank you raffs!


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