Twitching toe with RLS


I have RLS but my main problem is my twitching little toe, I know it sounds weird but it drives me crazy. I have to cross it over the next toe to get some relief as it happens most of the day, but when it happens at night it's a nightmare. It affect going to the theatre or cinema. Doctors haven't a clue and treat me as though I am weird and to be honest it looks very weird, when the toes have a mind of their own twitching away It looks as though I'm doing it. Does anyone else have this problem.

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  • It could be periodic limb movement that is causing the twitching

  • Thank you for the reply. What can I do?

  • Well IF it is PLMD the meds are the same ones used for RLS.Are you on any meds?

  • Sorry for the delay in replying. I have never been diagnosed with RLS and really don't want to take medication, I know I have it but as I said it's the toes that are the nightmare. I do take citalopram but have been reducing it for the past few months and found an improvement in my legs but not really the toes, I do plan to be citalopram free.

  • Maybe the toe problem is a seperate condition?

  • Sadly the doctors are not really interested.

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