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Jumping Legs!



I am new here. I have been experiencing RLS since age 10! At that time it didn't have a name and I would complain to my parents about my jumping leg! I first had it in hospital, following the removal of my tonsils. I can remember one of the nurses rubbing my leg to see whether that helped.

Now aged 64, I have suffered from it periodically over the years. Usually in bed, but often in places where you are required to keep still, like the theatre, the cinema, or even sitting on a sofa with others. Obviously a psychological link there!

I can go for long periods with no problems, then suddenly I will get it every night, often in both legs and sometimes both arms too.

So far I have managed without medication, but as I am going through a bad patch at the moment I have been to see my GP who is going to investigate my iron levels and also test for celiac disease with some blood tests.

In the meantime, when RLS wakes me in the night, I either massage my leg, put a hot water bottle on it, get out of bed and have a warm bath, or do the ironing for an hour!

I have also tried wearing copper bracelets.

Does anyone have any other suggestions?

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Ferritin levels first Wolfreston.

That is the key.

Not 'iron levels', but specifically ferritin levels, which should be 100 or more. Ask for the numbers, do not take 'everything's fine' for an answer.

For the rest, you are doing the right things. Avoid all alcohol, caffeine and antihistamines.

Do stretching exercises for your thighs, calves and arms before you sleep and when you wake in the night.

Your disease condition is worsening, so you may have to consider medication soon, if not immediately. It will not get better with your current measures, sad to say.

Do not, repeat not, let any doctor put you on to a dopamine agonist, or DA for short.

Copper bracelets will do nothing, but a good quality magnesium supplement may help to calm the nerves.

Check through the posts at random, look for links to good academic papers, and follow them, read them, print them out, and take them to your doctor.

In the academic papers look for Drs Earley, Ferre, Buchfuhrer and Ondo, for a start. They are amongst the leaders in the field. Get to know them, you'll be grateful.

You have to inform yourself. There is much new research which is very hopeful, but your doctor is unlikely to be aware of it.

Take charge.

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Thank you very much! I wonder if you want to write more. All made sense and was helpful.

Well, as you found out, the copper bracelets are a rip off. i hope you got your money back, I know that woman does a lot of refunds.

Hello. I put a post on here a few days ago about what works for me. Finally! There is a liquid vitamin product called Restavin made by Rejuvica that works in just a few minutes. I've tried many things since I was a teenager with RLS and NOTHING worked. Additionally, if I roll onto my stomach to sleep, it somehow stops with the creepy feeling to move. Amazing. Someone recommended those tight stockings without toes as well.

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