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Weaning off Ropinerole


I will never take ropinerole again. I weaned my self from it a few years ago and it was difficult. I restarted it with recurring RLS. I was suffering Augmentation earlier and earlier in the day as early as noon and early afternoon if I sat or would lie down to watch TV. I don't like being reliant on medications although I have had several back surgeries and two knee replacements. Some days I took as many as 3 2ng ropeninerole to keep from this horrible syndrome. I decided last Monday to go cold turkey. I spent almost five nights of exacerbated RLS and was awake almost all night. It was better the sixth night and last night after a week of hell, I kicked the drug. If I have a bad day or RLS at night which I will, I will take it only as needed. Never on a routine basis again. I slept well last night without continuous dreaming which raises another question. I have taken opioids for pain, Xanax for anxiety. I also take Valium when I get a muscle spasm in my back. Never did I have trouble stopping these medications when I no longer needed them and I took opioids almost a month following my spinal fusions. ropinerole is a devil of a drug and I think physicians should explain about augmentation and discontinuation of it's use and what to expect.

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