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Clonazepam and lyrica

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I am on 100mg of lyrica and one drop of clonazepam liquid at night for the last 5 days and works very well.No side effects.I am also opiod free since staring this combination.Furthermore i am on 100 mg of lyrica at noon but it doesnt help much and rls is hard.I ll talk with my doctor on Monday.He will probabaly add it at daytime too. Anybody having a good result with this combination?What do you think about clonazepam?

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Katerina22, I take Diazapam for anxiety and noticed it also worked very well for my RLS

I started out on clonazepam years and years ago for rls and it worked very well. Then i was switched to the dopamine agonists when they first come out. I wish I'd stayed with the clonazepam! I will always wonder if the dopamine agonists have permanently made my rls worse.

Glad you've found a good combo

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Katerina22 in reply to Belsheart

Thanks!Why dont you go back to clonazepam?

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Spudellen in reply to Belsheart

Hi Belsheart. I did exactly the same thing and I am wondering the very same thing about the dopamine agonists permanently making my RLS worse.

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Katerina22 in reply to Spudellen

Have you tried getting back to clonazepam?

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Spudellen in reply to Katerina22

I will try anything Katerina. Thank you.

I was on this combination for a while and it didn't do anything for me without a opiod to go with it, in my case oxycodone which I had to get up to 20mg twice per day for it to have any effect.

I'm on .5 sometimes .25 clonopin. However I am able to use cbd/thc vapor pen and it does the trick. 1 or 2 puffs and no rls. I don't need it all the time but it really does work. I also use a lidocaine patch over middle of back at bedtime. Epsom bath each night with a glass of magnesium citrate. Had horrible side effects with DA's. I'm good with clonopin for and regimen for now.

We are all so different.

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Belsheart in reply to NoMoRLS

Have you tried edible thc? Just curious as to why you choose this method of delivery.

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NoMoRLS in reply to Belsheart

Tummy issues and faster delivery.

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Fizybomb in reply to Belsheart

Where can you get thc. As I'm on clonazepam and want get off it. Worried about the addiction side.

Do you know what variety of marijuana is in the vapor pen? I use it for sleep but so far I have t found a variety that helps my rls. It would be great to kill two birds with one stone.


I’m so pleased you have found relief Katerina. I haven’t tried clonasapem but have heard of others it has helped. It is possible that the lyrica you are taking is helping a bit also. It is quite a low dose of lyrica.

Ηi!The day before yesterday this combination totally failed and suffered bad rls but yesterday it worked again well.However I do have one rls episode which doesnt last long most of the times(at night). As far as my day is concerned i still suffer but yesterday was the 1st day that i also added 1 drop of clonazepam together with my lyrica dose.I cant say if it works right now.I ll need more time to see the results.May i ask you something.I do take 200 mg of lyrica.(day and night together)Do you find it a low dose?Thank you!

When I said low dose I thought you were only on 100mg per day. I’m not an expert but I don’t think 200 is particularly high. I seem to recall that it’s ok to go to 300 - maybe even higher - but I found I got unpleasant side effects at higher doses.

I do think it’s a shame you are still suffering during the day. I can’t think what to suggest for that as most of the rls prescription drugs cause drowsiness which might make your days even worse. When I get bad symptoms in the day (which is rare) I take Kratom but it’s not readily available for most folk.

I think I get one or two bouts of rls through the night, like you, as I often wake in the morning with my legs propped up on the wall which I would only do if rls strikes. I do think it’s better not to get 100% coverage from drugs because that seems to result in more rapid dependence and need to increase dose. So maybe it’s not such a bad thing. In your shoes I would probably mess about with the clonazepam - timing of dose and amount of drug to be sure to get optimal outcome. I’m so glad it’s working for you and hope you get some way of improving daytime coverage.

Hi Kate! My first bout of RLS came as a shock. It was a Saturday and I had to pay plenty to the MD I tracked down. He actually Googled treatment for RLS while I was there with him. He told me treatment for RLS was either Clozzies or else some narcotic drug I'd not heard of. I said no to the narcotics and opted for the Clozzies. MD prescribed 4mg (2 tablets) daily. Symptoms did settle after several weeks but continued to flare up from time to time and by 2014 became they had become permanent. Am still taking the Clozzies which continue to deliver some beneficial outcomes. The MD I see recently prescribed Lyrica as adjunct medication and this too is helping settle this crazy condition! Symptoms are much milder than they were. Hope this info of help. Steve

Hi Karerina. How are you. I see your posts and hope you are doing better. I went to your neurologist and he gave me lyrica but I wasnt well with it. I havent been back to him although I liked him as I was away in Crete all summer. I started back unfortunately on mirapex but a low dose of 0.09mg for 5 days a week and tramadol for 2 days. This combination has been working well for the last 3 months and in this way I may not augment. Im also sleeping at night. Unfortunately the health centre where I get my meds say they wont give me tramadol for rls. Did the neurologist in Melissia prescribe them for you? Im worried that if I take just mirapex I will augment again and it was hell coming off them. What advice would you give me Thanks

Katerina, if you have diabetes take your meds before lunch dinner and bedtime. I take 600 mg Gabapentin at each of these times for an excellent result

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