hi everyone been for my review on my meds, with my GP this morning, told him that the tramadol was making me very very itchy, I am on the 2mg patch besides the tramadol + 1clarityn it worked for awhile but the tramadol was keeping me awake because of the itching, so he has put me on clonazepam in place of the tramadol so fingers crossed, will let you no how I get on, I find its just a case of mix & match with the meds, I am just praying that this combination will be the one, the patch works for awhile then that stops working. oh, I wish someone could come up with solution to this problem.

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  • Hi Connie,when I started Tramodol they made me itch but it did wear of so hopefully yours will,I am on 2 Tramodol and still feel sleepy the next day so tonight I am trying 1 tab will see how it goes I have been on them 14 months and the are the best thing I have had so good luck x

  • Hi beady3 been on the tramadol for a few MThs now thought the itching would cease but it hasn't it was driving me barmy, so when I told my GP he said that some people are allergic to them & I must have been one of them,so he took me of them & gave me clonazepam in place of the tramadol,took one last night, slept through while about 6.30 this morning mind you this might be a fluke because this illness (& that's what it is) is so unpredictable my legs might be all over the place tonight will let you no

  • I took clonazepam at a dose of 1mg/day before bedtime for ten years. It took care of the RLS beautifully and I slept well but I had a few side effects for the first few years - lack of energy and tiredness mostly. Then my body seemed to adjust and I had very few side effects. The doctors stopped the drug when I turned 70 saying that the side effects were too dangerous for people over 70. I'm taking gabapentin now at 300mg/day and it does allow me to sleep but it's not as effective as the clonazepam.

    Clonazepam has a mixed record with RLS people - with some, like me, it works beautifully; for others it doesn't work or, worse, gives really bad side effects. I hope it helps you. My only advice is to take as low a dose as possible - this will minimize side effects and make it easier to stop the drug if you need to. If you do need to stop, be sure to taper off gradually - your doctor should know how to do this. Good Luck!

  • hi I am going to try & persevere with the clonazepam,don't get me wrong the tramadol is brilliant if it wasn't for the itching I would still be on it today, but it was driving me mad itching all over my body it was awful,couldn't get no sleep,

  • Hi, l have been on clonazepam for a good few years now. I was taking 1tab nightly but I cut back as I was tired the next day. I take half a tablet most nights when l feel my legs getting ready to start twitching or achy and if it doesn't seem to help l will then take the other half . Some nights when they are really bad l sit in my kitchen as it has a tiled floor and let my feet get really cold, not very nice but it seems to work for me most of the time.

  • hi knitknax58 I had a really bad night last night my legs started about 10.30 bearing in mind I still wear my patch 2mg. anyway I went to bed about 11.15 but had to get up because my legs were going crazy (I had already took 1 clonazepam but this was not doing a thing, so took another (it says on the medication box that you take 2 at night, well this morning I feel absolutely dreadful, walking about like a zombie, was supposed to have gone to the dentist this morning but not a chance, had to phone up & cancel I feel terrible, but when I took it for the first time I only took one the following day I was felt fine, its so unpredictable this illness, you think you've cracked it then bumf it all starts all over tonight will take one & half, take care.

  • Hi Connie,

    inst Clarityn a antihistamine? I thought they made RLS worse?

  • yes it is an antihistamine BUT according to DR B its the only one antihistamine that doesn't effect RLS & that is true because I have used it for a very long time please see the web site of BR B Welcome to our WED (Willis Ekbom Disease)/RLS (Restless Legs Syndrome) Support Group it tells you all on this site

  • Hi jakeday, I'm on TRAMADOL for my RLS which works beautifully for me, on it for five yrs., no side effects no problems, BUT, every now and then I get allergies and although they ARE antihistamines my doctor told me to take the kind that are none drowsy effect and they work fine and doesn't disturb the RLS.

  • What dosage of Tramadol are you on?

  • hi cicek I was only taking 1 tablet (50mg) at night + 1 clarityn but the itching drove me absolutely mad

  • I have been taking 100mg in the evening but it stopped working after a few weeks so have to up to 150mg sometimes 200 mg. Good luck.

  • yes my sister who has RLS also takes clonazepam her GP has said you can take up to 4 a night but she said there's no way she would ever take 4 she tried taking 2 at night & the next day she was like a zombie, so she as told me to start with I at night. that's what I will do, I remember having these about 1yr ago but cant remember if they worked or not, mind you I am on the patch as well, its been oked by my GP.

  • I take one 50mg pill at 5:30 pm and another at 11:30 pm. Total of 100 mg per day.

  • I am going to take one at night along with a clariyn I also have a 2mg patch I wear 24/7 but this on its own doesn't work for me at night when I want it to the most.

  • Be sure to monitor bone density and take preventive measures such as vitamin D3, alkaline diet, weight bearing exercise. Both clonazepam and gabapentin can cause bone loss. Clonazepam especially is habit forming. Ask doc about drug vacations. I had to stop both due to bone loss.

  • I am taking tablets for my bones already

  • oh ok Connie. what website? who is doc b?

  • hi jakeday don't tell me you've never heard about this guy he is phenomenon on RLS he as written several books on this matter the web site is Southern California RLS the guys name is DR Buchfuhrer cant even pronounce it that's why everyone calls him DR B if you put is name in the search engine it will come up. Hope this helps.

  • oh sorry yes i have heard of Dr Buchfuhrer from

  • thought you may have everyone knows of him

  • Hi Connie, clonazepam worked very well for me for several years. It did make me feel quite spaced out at first but that wore off. I hope it helps! X

  • thanks sue777 when I first took it (took one500microgram)I felt ok,but the next day the legs started about 9.30 in the evening even though I had a patch on,so took 1 tablet but this didn't do a thing, so about 11.0 o'clock I took another (it states on the box you can take two) well I felt really weird,& the next morning I was so spaced out I just couldn't function at all, even had to cancel a dentist appointment felt that bad, so tonight I think I will just take the one

  • Hi Connie maybe try 2 tablets at the weekend or when you don't have to be up early to build up. This RLS is a horrible condition. Mine is quite well controlled at the moment but every so often I have a bad night. People don't understand how the lack of sleep affects us.

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