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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Positional release


I wonder if anyone has had treatment using the positional release method.

The treatment is I think relatively new and a drog free method of treating rls.

I have had the treatment a few months ago with some relief but not a cure and still taking Pramipexole but gradually trying to reduce the dosage very slowly which I find quite difficult but I've been told is a long term project . I would like to know if any one has had the same treatment and how they are coping. I try to cope by doing exercises daily as well anything to alleiveate this condition.

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I've never heard of it, can you enlighten us on what it is? Is it something anyone can do, or is is just another moneymaking scam doing the rounds at the moment?

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I’ve never heard of it either. Sounds intriguing.



I had a look at this, and it says it often works. When I get RLS, I lie face down,

with pillows propping up my chest and front, in a seal position, until I feel pressure/tightening in my

lower back.

I find this feeling of tightening is mandatory, and add pillows until I feel it.

I hold it for about 2 minutes. It stops my RLS 100% of the time.

But physical manipulations like this should be overseen by professionals.

So some of these positions may work in a similar way.


I have never heard of this either, but I have notice mind you sometimes in bed if I wake up with that feeling we all get in our legs if I charge positions sometimes the sensation goes away.

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Is there a website for this does anyone know? It does sound interesting. I'm always wary of anything that professes to help in case it's just another scam played out on desperate people. Can you tell I'm a cynic?? I've been bitten before. 😊


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