PRM ( Positional Release Manipulation) and no more drugs !!!

Surprised to have only received 1 reply to the Q I posted yesterday. Just wondering if anyone has tried the technique and if so , can they post how they got on ? ( Results of limited trial carried out last year apparently shows that this treatment was found to be VERY BENEFICIAL for RLS sufferers )

Have a good w/end

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  • Never heard of PRM. What is it, exactly??

  • Check out the NHS web site under "treatment".

  • Hi Roma,

    can you let us know where the result of the trial was shown not to be promising ? The NHS site would appear to say that positive results were shown and I'd be surprised if they posted anything without getting it verified.

  • Hi Gannet, i have seen someone post on this site about the trial, they tried the manipulation, i cant remember who it was or how successful it was. They put the details of the place where you could get it done, but i cant remember where, i do know it was toooo far for me to get to so i didnt follow it up. Unless you feel like scrolling through every single question and comments to find it... Wish i could remember who and where and when it was posted... :(

  • I put the web site with the study on the other post. It was 20 people. Oh here it is. This small of a study is only a starting point. It was 6 wks long, so really proves nothing, since everyone is so different. You probably did not get many answers, because a lot of us HAVE tried a form of this, and to me it is no better, personally, than doing some yoga. The pdf file for the study is, like I put on your other post RLS is neurological......... But, I cannt see how you can say "very beneficial" when the study was 20 people, not all with RLS, over a very short 6 wk period. Factor in a bunch of stuff, and it may help or not. Trial and error, but if tis is the first study like this, and I doubt it, don;t pin all your hopes on something that could be years away from being approved officially for RLS. I know the process on both sides of the pond, and in the US, this treatment is not covered by Medicare or Medicaid, which means it would be all experimental, because they will never approve this for coverage in the US, like acupuncture or therapeutic massage. I could take less pain meds with a good deep tissue massage 3 x a week, but cannot pay for that. :)

  • Also, even these people on the web site I put up about the study call it RLS, and "also known as Ekbom Syndrome". grrrrrrrr Ekbom's Syndrome is a parapsychosis, with no relation to RLS except the Doctor's name who discovered them both.

  • links on

  • Just looked this up and couldn't find anything substantive. I have constant back pain and the only time I tried osteopathy the chap placed a lot of pressure on my worn vertebra and left me with more pain and no benefit - I know a lot of people who find osteopathy helpful come out groaning but find later benefit, but this was not the case with me.

  • Hello Gannet. I have been searching for information on Positional Release Manipulation for RLS, but just came back to your 3 year old post, so apologies for being behind the times. Is there any way of finding exactly what the manipulation involves? I have been doing leg exercises for many years when RLS strikes and would love to hear of any more effective movements than those which don't now work - when I was younger the exercises themselves would create a shot of whatever the post exercise hormone is and make me drowsy, but now I am beyond plentiful hormone production this no longer happens.

  • There is now a clinic offering this treatment in Colchester, it's called The Restless Legs Clinic

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