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Management of Switching from immediate release Pramipexole to slow release Pramipexole



Can anybody give me advice or direct me to a site that has information on the management of switching from Pramipexole to slow release Pramipexole.

I have tried to google to get this info but the information i get is on Parkinson`s Disease not for RLS

It may not make any differance but i dont now this.

Has anybody had to swop from one to the other ?

I saw a RLS speciialist recently and my Gp has asked him via fax [ twice ] about managing the change over but he has not replied yet. This was about 4 months ago

I would be greateful if anybody has any advice or first hand experience

Thank you


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I have changed from pramipexole to the slow release version, and it was not difficult at all.

I was on Pramipexole three times a day, and I just missed out the lunchtime one and took one slow release pramipexole morning and night, and had no problem at all.

I find the slow release ones work much better for me. I hope it works for you too.

Hello patchworker

Thanks for your reply

It sounds like everything went well for you

I talked to my Gp this morning and without the benefit of a reply from RLS specialist he has suggested i start on max dose of slow release Pramipexole the same as i am on now and take it day by day by talking to my Gp in the morning to see how i have got the night before.

I suffer from severe RLS with insomnia [ sideffect ] and i am just so worried it wont go as smoothly as it did with you and i will go through hell and be up all night. To say i am in an anxiety state is an understatement.

But i feel a bit reassured by your experience. i will try to think their wont be any problems

Can i ask and anybody else on slow release Pramipexole does it help you sleep at night ?


Hello Bambisoloved

My GP prescribed Ropinirole which stopped working and then refered me to a Neurologist who changed my medication to Pramipexole slow release, what a difference this has made I now have a decent night's sleep after many year's, I take 1 05mg about two hour's before bedtime, the only drawback is that I wake up with a headache but it's a small price to pay for a decent night's sleep. They work very well for me and hope that they will do the same for you.

Lts of peopole have to swap and switch all the time, unfortunately. will help you out on the treatment page, plus you can write to the doctor, who is THE RLS expert in my book, and will answer every email that he gets. There should be no issues in swapping since it is the same med, just one is slow released. You can just start the slow released one, and you will have meds going in all the time. YOu will get info on med swapping if you do a search that uses the words "Drug holidays Restless Legs Syndrome." The rules are the same, pretty much for Parkinson's and RLS, only the PD dose is always much higher than an RLS dose. But, my usual advice for that would be to ask the doctor before you leave the office, or when you get it filled ask the chemist/pharmacist. We should always try to ask all questions like that, especially about meds at the doctor's office. I always suggest that we write our questions down before we get to the doctor, so we know what we need to ask, and if he/she says anything we do not understand. That way we know whre the doctor's head is at, and what he wants us to do. I would suggest calling the office or the drug store, just to make sure, but there should be no problem switching because it is the same med, so you are not really swapping anything. ;) let us know how it goes!


Thanks for your reply and good advice

I will collect my new prescription on Monday and will start slow release Monday night.

I feel much more reassured now.

I will let everybody know how i get on.

My GP [ UK ] has been wonderful. He has said he will ring me to see if i have had any problems.

I just hope the slow release will help me sleep, as this is my main problem and reason for changing from one to the other


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