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Bacterial help in the fight against RLS?


Hi all. I have been doing a little reading hoping to get relief from RLS and I came across this: (link opens to download a pdf file).

It talks about people with difficult to treat RLS responding to Botulinum

Toxin Type-A - Botox to the more vain among us!! So instead of injecting our faces so we end up with plastic masks we should be getting it injected into our legs!!!!

Anyone else come across this? The study comes across with quite positive results.

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Ooh, interesting. Off to read now. Only concern I have is what if it stops you moving your legs? If the RLS kicks in & you can’t move, nightmare.

Ok I’ve read it & it sounds really, really promising.

I note the study was in 2002-2004 so I don’t know why this didn’t progress any further. Maybe they couldn’t get funding to carry out a more extensive trial?

I think we need to ask our neurologists about this. I’ll email mine & see what they have to say.

Unfortunately it seems like it has to be ongoing and therefore costly. A brief scan online shows that its £149 to buy the botox, (if you are a Dr/dentist/etc).

If it is a straight forward IM injection I could maybe talk myself into it but I don't know enough about and me are going to have to spend some more time together!

Is there any case to be made for facial injections as a therapy? Imagine a treatment that controlled Rls and got rid of wrinkles. It would make up for a lot.

NO.. LOL I get 32 injections in my head and neck every 3 months at the big teaching hospital i go to, and after a year I can definitely say it does not do a thing for my RLS.

sad emoji - which I don't know how to do . . .

in fact, crying emoji

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On the serious side I hope there is promise for rls tx but I can't resist this. If injected in our legs and not our face maybe we will have legs of a 20 y.o. And the face to protect them! Sorry, its 5am and I'm not responsible for what I'm typing! LOL

hi there. I was given botox about 2 years ago now and was told it should last about 6 months. After about 55 injections in my right leg and knee i was sent home and only took the pain away for 1 night and was left with no feeling in my foot for over a month which made it hard to walk and get around. So anyone thinking of going for it i would give it some thought but that is just my opinion and would love to hear of anyone that has had it done


Wow, thanks for your experience on having the Botox for your RLS. I wonder if that experience was any one else's. You are the first i have heard of to actually have it done for RLS. I would think having no feeling in your foot for a month, apart from hard to walk and get around, you wouldnt know if you had hurt your foot, like a gash etc. ?

I have had this discussion with my pain doctor, headache doctor and neurologist. I DO get Botox for migraines, every 3 months for the last year. Only 2 migraines in that period of time. We discussed RLS, because we were discussing my pain meds and medical marijuana, AND Botox. They were not fans of using it for RLS to simply put it.

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Did you Dr say why he wouldn't be a fan of using it for RLS?

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Did they say why?

When they give multiple injections like that it is minute doses in each needle, I never feel it in my face. :) They HAVE tried for people with RLS up there at the teaching hospital, and they all said it was a no go on botox for RLS.

I would appreciate you volunteering Raffs as I am a bit dubious having seen the facial outcomes on celebrities.

raffs in reply to Retren

You would appreciate me volunteering for...?

Rafts no no no the use of botox I was referring to after reading some of the comments.

raffs in reply to Retren

Are you were saying you'd appreciate it if I went and had botox done or you don't want me to take it?

Sorry I had a bad night last night and not thinking sharp today :(

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Rafts I would like someone to try the botox to see if there is any relief.I probably should not have singled you out so apologise also this wretched ipad persists in changing your name spelling goodness knows why.

raffs in reply to Retren

I would volunteer in a heart beat. I will be speaking with my GP in the next couple of weeks and I know they do botox privately.

I had never heard of it being used before until I came across the study and figured someone on here might.

I thought you meant that I was in the research! I have contacted a few places to see if there were any studies going on but unfortunately there were none, I am very happy to be a guinea pig if it means I can get relief.

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My friend had botox to slow down her food passing through her gut . It passes through too fast so she does not get all the nutrients she should . She says it has really helped all the problems she was having. I know they also use it for people with excessive sweating. Let us know how you get on. BTW how is the vegan diet going?

Rafts hope there is relief for this condition.Have had it unremittingly to-day despite my medication. Am at a loss as to what set this latest bout in motion as I have not been indulging in the usual Christmas fare. Take that back had mince pies with double cream.Supposed to be for luck for the New Year.Just goes to show how unpredictable RLS is unless something different has been added to them.A bout free New Year to you and all of us with this malady. Gillian


Very interesting. Never heard this so will research asap. I do know Botox helps a lot of things that don't get the publicity cosmetic uses get. So this makes sense.. Thanks

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