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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Vitamin B-12 dosage

Anyone know the recommended dosage for vitamin B-12 for RLS? I just recently started taking it.

As an update on the tummy swelling post I entered a few weeks ago thinking it might be a side effect of Lyrica: It wasn’t. It is an umbilical hernia caused by the surgery I had this summer to remove an ovarian cyst. Apparently they are common since the incision beneath the belly button weakens the abdominal walls. I will most likely have to have it repaired.

My RLS has pretty much settled down thanks to Lyrica and Tramadol three times a day. The only concern I have now is that it does come on in a mild form in the late afternoon when I try to take a nap or sometimes in a car. It’s so weird. I can’t figure out what causes it to come on at that exact time just about every day. I don’t get it at night any more or the morning. Just at 4:30. Any ideas out there?

I take my first dose of 100 mgs. Lyrica at 7:00 AM; the second dose of Lyrica 100 mgs. again at 4:00 PM with 2 Tramadol; and my final dose at about 10:30 PM with 2 more Tramadol.

Could it be too much time between the 7:00 AM dose and the 4:00 PM dose? A mystery to me. Any suggestions welcome.

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Have you been tested as vitB 12 deficient? I take 1200 ug as an oral spray (Boost) but that is a megadose for to raise hemoglobin levels for phlebotomy. You could take a partial dose- one spray instead of 4 ?

On the Tramadol issue- why are you not on the Er version- every 12 hrs?

I know nothing about Lyrica - except that it is expensive.

Certainly , playing around with timing can be useful. Don't be afraid to experiment.



Hi Madlegs - what do you mean by the ER version of Tramadol? I'm intrigued as I'm currently on 8 x 50mg tramadol per day. Thx


Extended Release.

Lasts 12 hrs.


Thanks, I'll ask my GP if I can switch to them, it might allow me to reduce the 8x 50mg per day I'm currently on.


If you take 2 50mg tramadol in the morning and 3 50mg tramadol in the the evening you will never feel RLS. I have been doing this for 5 years.

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Thanks Fredanderson. Do you take anything else like Lyrica?


Nothing else is necessary. Tramadol is very strong.


Are you still taking the iron bisglycinate Bganim?


Yes I am, once sometimes twice a day.


Have you tried stopping the iron to see if it is even helping? I know it helps me because most of the time my RLS kicks in before I take it and within about 60 minutes of taking the iron the RLS is gone and I am able to go to bed. Even if I don't have RLS I still take the iron because I am afraid of waking up in the middle of the night with RLS.


No, I have tried others, with no success.


What time do you take your second dose?




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