Need Advice about precautions re: Ropinerole and general surgical anesthesia

Hello everyone, I've been out of touch for a while due to an unexpected health problem. I have an 11 cm. ovarian cyst that needs to be removed. I have been concerned about the interaction of my ropinerole and general anesthesia. while my surgeon and hospital pre-op staff have been sympathetic, they admit to knowing nothing about it. I

As some of you know, since January I have been titrating down from 12 mgs of Extended Release Ropinerole to 4 mgs daily. I take only one dose of the 4 mgs at 5:00 daily with 28 mgs. of Iron Bisglycinate and OJ. The hospital has amazingly moved my surgery time up from 2:45 PM to 11:30 AM next Wednesday to accommodate my 5:00 PM dosage requirements. Does anyone know if there are any reactions or contraindications between ropinerole and general anesthesia? Any advice going into surgery?

My surgeon has been sympathetic re: my RLS, especially since it presents as a full body involvement. if I do have an episode. When I tried to explain to the surgeon that I need to take my RLS meds at close to 5:00 daily since it is a once a day extended release dosage or I will have an episode that evening, she laughed and said you won't have to worry about having an episode while under anesthesia. Does any one know if this is true?

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  • I've found this article on anaesthetic use on Parkinsons' patients and it mentions levodopa ( similar to ropinirole but taken in MUCH higher doses by Parkinsons patients).It mentions which anaesthetic to avoid). Maybe you could print it off and email to your doctor.

    You are on a very high dose of ropinirole ( 2mg is now considered the max dose) so that would explain why you are experiencing all over body RLS. It's clearly Augmentation. Perhaps you should print off the relevant info from this site on augmentation so the doctors can read about it. I would also video your all over RLS to show them so they can see you have absolutely no control over it once it kicks in.

    It's clearly not the right time now to consider titrating down further, as the withdrawal would be too awful on top of the stress of the cyst and surgery.

    I wish you all the best in recovering from the surgery and really hope that once fully recovered you get off this awful drug. It's not pleasant to do but once through the withdrawal, you will find other meds that will give you relief.

  • Hi Bganim,

    Have you spoken with the anaesthetist who will be with you during your operation? I am sure you will be able to discuss your reservations/fears with him/her before the operation.

    As Joolsg mentions you are on a very high dose of ropinirole and this has caused augmentation. This is a good link to read: in due course.

    I wish you well with your surgery and post op recovery. Do keep in touch. :)

  • I had abdominal surgery with a spinal block anaesthetic and my rls stopped. Some time after the surgery the rls recurred, at my usual dosage time, and I asked for my Ropinerole. There were no ill effects. I don't know about general anaesthetic.

  • One of the culprits when having surgery is the anti-nausea med they add to the anaesthetic, anti-nausea meds can set your RLS off. Ask for Zofran. As far i know the anaesthetic its self shouldnt be a worry.

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