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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Dostinex helps RLS

I have had RLS for about 20 years, it used to drive me nuts. Then i was diagnosed with a pituitary adenoma. For treatment I was given Dostinex (cabergoline). Suddenly my rls improved a lot. About 3 year's ago I was taken off Dostinex and guess what, my RLS returned with a vengeance. Dr started me on Sifrol but after 18 months I got augmentation, RLS is so bad it ruled my life completely. My pituitary adenoma is back and I am back on Dostinex for the last 8 weeks, have my life back, RLS improved greatly, but still have augmention at night if I don't take my Sifrol, but am planning to try to stop Sifrol, building up the coursge. Just wanted to let othrrs know that Dostinex helped me.

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What is Sifrol?



One of the DA's (dopamine agonistst), stronger than ropinirole.


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