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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Had first appointment with my new doctor yesterday and presented armed with numerous names and information on new (to me) sleepers. Nope ..... nada, none available from down-under. So came away with script for same old same old.

Have tried on several occasions to order CBD oil and still nothing. If there are any Aussie's on this site (and there just simply has to be) who have had access to said oil, coupled with significant success, could you please advise me with details. How? Where?

Much appreciated

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Hope this is a good starting point:


I've bought from these guys via amazon:


They don't seem to sell cbd oil, (only HEMP oil) on Amazon, wonder why that was? Any way the two links should help.

Good luck.

I was wondering, if you have a facebook page maybe you can 'jokingly' say you would love to try it after being told it would help. Bitch about the government denying medicine to those that need it and say a wee prayer someone you know will take the hint and get you sorted with proper cannabis. Worth a shot!

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Thanks Raffs, thank you so much. Have just placed my order for the following:


Will let you know the outcome 👍


Great job, happy to have been of service. May it quieten your RLS, (not to mention the other things it treats), and give you a decent quality of life.

May I ask, is there did you buy from and what influenced your choice of product?

I'll look forward to reading your posts beginning with - I've found this great oil that works fantastically on my RLS, keep her lit as they say around here, (keep moving forward in your endeavours).

That first line of your post is free, I'll need to charge if you want me to write any more 5 cents (Euro), per word :)

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I have no idea what influenced my choice. I think I just read the comments from previous customers.

This is where I ordered it from Healthy Hemp Oil and this is the product that I ordered Blue Label High CBD oil.

I'm so terrified of Siffrol going into augmentation and I'm so damn tired and not sleeping but thanks Raffs, your posts always put a smile on my face


HI RAFFS there is something I would appreciate discussing with you on a 'Private and confidential' form.

Is this a possibility thru this site under the heading message.


Yeah any time, drop me a PM.

Click on your name at top of screen then go to messages and your sorted.


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