Restless Legs Syndrome
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Pluto 46

Hi Chris, read your post redecorating/falling/etc. and just had a thought, When you fell, could you have hit the small of your back (where the nerves down our legs begin). I'm notup on all the info connected to the relationship between lower back pain/problems and restless legs. It makes sense and I've seen quite a bit of info on this connection. Perhaps worth googling. Hope this helps. burmag

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Thanks for getting in touch, burmag. I didn't actually fall this time - although I have on other occasions. No, this time it was something that fell on me, or rather my foot. So I don't think my back was involved. What is interesting me at the moment is something I read some time ago about the so-called fascia of the muscles which apparently can tighten up or something to that effect. There's also the sympathetic nerve response where nerves activated in one place are echoed somewhere else. I'm going to follow this up with a masseur if I can find a decent one where I live (fat chance!).

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