Very very promising scientific breakthrough!!

Hi all, I have edited this post to delete the link I provided to a company which was a scam. The essence of what I was trying to say is that there may be a link between rls and poor gut health. Scientists are learning just how intelligent microbacteriums are, how they can make you depressed, anxious, euphoric. I will be posting much more on this in the coming days so that it is well prepared and makes sense to those who don't know much about the world of microbiomes. Cheers

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  • Well I saw your post and was quite excited, but after watching and listening I realised it was just waffle, like a sales training meeting, brainwashing,

    Why keep passing from person to person

    To repeat each other, I'm still no wiser, will not be informing my mother re amazing breakthrough

  • Hmm, what makes you say this? Keep in mind, I am not promising this as a cure to rls, I am merely saying this breakthrough they are taking about is a game changer in the medical field. I am going to strongly consider trying this and will keep everyone updated.

  • I am going to research the people involved here just to check their credentials and see what's what. Will let everyone know

  • I'm not going to watch the video because I already believe gut health is the most important thing. I read "GUT" by Giulia Enders lat year and am convinced that the lack of beneficial bacteria in our gut is responsible for a lot of illnesses. Every time we take antibiotics, we kill healthy good bacteria in our gut.

    I follow low fodmap but it really hasn't made any difference to my RLS. I also take probiotics ( VSL & Symprove) to repopulate good bacteria. Again, hasn't helped me. BUT I'm sure it will help others and is well worth a try.

    My sister is suggesting faecal transplants ( gross I know) to repopulate my gut with healthy bacteria and I am fascinated by the latest research in that area so may even give it a go.

    Like everything though, what works for one person with RLS may not work for another, but keep spreading the word as each possible solution may help someone on here.


  • Wow, just as you finished writing that, I posted my message. Please read it, it literally addresses everything you just said.

  • LOL- you're preaching to the choir in my case when it comes to healthy gut bacteria & antibiotics.

  • Haha, good to know. We all need to know about the dangers of antibiotics.

  • *just as you posted your message, I posted mine.

  • Also jools, consider whether those probiotics you are taking are a scam or not. Michael has done several studies disproving the effectiveness of probiotic tablets. Can't find the link to the exact study, I will get that for you. If you can, start making your own kefir. I will post a new thread outlining just how easy it is to include more natural probiotic-rich foods in your diet.

  • No, look up Symprove and VSL. Both have been in research trials here in UK and come out as the only pro biotics worth taking.

    Also, you have to get rid of bad bacteria in Gut with good pro biotics and diet before introducing Pre Biotics like sauerkraut etc or they just feed the bad bacteria. As you say, a lot of research is taking place in this area right now.

    Exciting times.

  • Yes, very exciting times indeed.

    I will look up those probiotics, but for the moment I am completely find with taking kefir. Please look this up. It is costing me like $3 a week to drink a cup each day. The first time I took it, I had 1/4 cup and had stomach aches for 3 days straight afterwards. That's how potent this stuff is. I had to start at a tablespoon and slowly move up.

    Yes, I need to learn about how probiotics and probiotics work together.

    As for that faecal transplant. Funny story, in michaels book, he talks about a guy he interviewed who wanted to have the best microbiome in the world. So he went to live with a tribe in I think it was the Amazon. These people are describes as having incredibly diverse good bacteria in their stomach. So when this guy got there, he hung upside down from a tree, and got someone to pour one of the tribal member's liquid faeces down his arse via a funnel. Pretty graphic huh, sorry if you're eating. He reported feeling really bad initially, but over time his health got a lot better. If I have to do this, I will get someone to knock me out and bloody do it. I'm young and stupid, it's worth a shot

  • Probiotics and prebiotics*

  • Much more refined here in U.K. Ha ha The donations are from firefighters and are freeze dried before implanting.

    I can't see me hanging upside down from a tree but - never say never.

    This has made me laugh & we need all the laughs we can get.


  • It had me laughing as well haha. Could you imagine waiting for something like that to happen?

    If you ever do it, what a story that would be to tell your grandchildren LOL.

  • "Also, you have to get rid of bad bacteria in Gut with good pro biotics and diet before introducing Pre Biotics like sauerkraut etc or they just feed the bad bacteria".

    Jools this is what excites me the most: microbiome testing. You can do a stool test and find out what species of good/bad bacteria exist in the gut, along with roughly the species count. Based on that, you can tell if you should load up on probiotics and limit probiotic rich foods, and so on.

  • I have sent emails to https://clever guts come and

    These are websites named after books which a man called Dr Michael Mosley wrote. He is a very respected man in the medical industry. His main field is to do with gut health and I recently read his book which talks about the importance of gut bacteria. I advise you look him up. I have contacted these websites asking them to ask Michael whether or not this viome service is for real. I will continue to do my own research as I feel there is something here. Dr Mosley says we are too clean in his book, that the introduction of antibiotics has killed all the good bacteria responsible for keeping us healthy and we need to get our hands dirty more often and stop washing our hands so often. It's hard to relay the main things he said in his book, because I know how impossible it is to read when you have bad rls. Who can do it here? I couldn't. Anyway, I will not get too specific, but I recommend to everyone to start eating more fermented foods. Kefir, sauerkraut, Greek yoghurt. These are all things we need to be eating everyday, atleast every two days. Will stop writing now, my grammar here is shocking, I apologise for that.

  • I not against anyone trying to keep their gut happy. But i am concerned that you have said that RLS is a autoimmune disease, and i have never seen any RLS expert say it is.

  • My fault for that. But from what I've learned in Michael's book and my own research, repairing the gut and keeping it in good health does good things for many different types of diseases and conditions. My fault, thanks for pointing that out.

  • Yep, after properly looking through the website, checking their references, reading their policies and finding out the lack of respectable credentials by those involved, I can confirm this service is a scam. But that's ok! Because I know exactly who they are copying, and it still doesn't mean the discoveries being made on the importance of gut bacteria isn't true. The people they are copying are working at the weizmann institute of science in Israel, where they were the first ones to come up with this kind of service (testing your stool, than looking at your microbiome and being able to predict how you tolerate certain foods with a fair degree of accuracy, then creating a personalised diet for you to follow). I will post further threads explaining who these people are, as I know for a fact they are the real deal. Only problem is they have just made the discovery recently, so they only offer the service to people living in Israel and usa. I can only assume they will expand to the UK fairly soon, because I emailed them about this and they said offering the service to Australians isn't too far away. But I'll post more on that later. I am going to research everything that is being learnt about all the species of bacteria living in our health, because I strongly believe there is a link here. Cheers

  • I take a daily probiotic tablet to help IBS/gut issues and have heard before that there is a direct link to RLS, even if I don't understand it!

    My GP tells me that taking probiotics is a waste of time and that they don't reach far enough down into the gut to make any difference. However, this is the same GP who told me multi vitamins and minerals are a waste of money. Throughout the winter the family kept on getting coughs and colds and I didn't once despite lowered immune system, Fibromygelia, RLS, IBS and being an insulin dependent diabetic. I believe this is from eating healthy but mainly the high dose vit C, D and B Complex I take on top of gen vit/mineral tablet.

    A few years ago I had another dose of pneumonia, hospitalised and IV high strength antibiotics. I discharged myself against Drs wishes as terrified of getting infection in hospital. Poor man in same bay had mental health problems as well as gut issues and would not make it to loo and leave trail of faceas. I needed out. They gave me huge anti biotic tablets to take at home. I did not connect IV antibiotics avoid the gut. These stripped me of all bacteria and made me quite unwell. A week of intense bacteria friendly yoghurts and drinks got me back on my feet. So if they get far enough in my gut so will a probiotic tablet. Sometimes our GPs don't have all the answers, alternative or complimentary health is outside their training and knowledge. Plus it doesn't make big pharma any money!

  • Your experiences align with mine. Except mine extend back to when my mother was pregnant. She was at her sickest when pregnant with me, and was taking antibiotics all the time. It's been proven that we receive our bacteria from our mothers via faeces and vaginally fluids (as we are being born), and through breast milk. This is why children born by caesarian are more prone to diseases/illnesses throughout life. If my mum had most of her good bacteria killed off, I can't imagine I would've received much. Coincidence or not, I've been sick with all kinds of illnesses throughout life. RLS, asthma, eczema, the lot. Also taken atleast a dozen batches of antibiotics. I will be ordering a stool kit from a company located in my country that analyses your stool to see what kind of bacterial species are in your large intestines. Very interesting stuff that I am just learning about!

  • Sorry to here about the poorly pregnancy and what you have gone through. But it is interesting and informative also. I am ex military and had more than my share of injuries treated with antibiotics then, bronchitis as a child, three bouts of pneumonia as an adult, six invasive operations which I guess they use antibiotics. So I guess I've had to many. I occasionally use Silver cordial as a natural antibiotic when chest starts up. Every now and them I will get unexplained rashes. I have fibro, insulin dependent diabities but exhaustion and unsteady legs from RLS are my two biggest foes at the moment!

    Very interested in stool analysis, always inspecting my poo as indicator of health. Which country are you in I'm in UK. Will see if same offered here. Grateful if you keep me informed of your research as believe gut health so important to many illnesses. What we put in our body, what comes out and what happens in between seems a logical place to start.


  • Firstly, much respect to you being in the military sir. One of my old friends dad was in the military, he was a very quiet man and never smiled, I have heard stories before and it sounds dreadful what some of these people go through when they are no longer in danger. As for the other matter, I have had 2 invasive surgeries, both nose operations to correct the sinus wall lining. The second one was a five hour operation, I can't imagine how bad it hurt my gut with all those antibiotics, it makes me shiver. I am in Australia. There are a few places that do it here, but I will do my research and make sure it is not a scam. Be careful about. This new discovery of gut bacteria and how it influences our health could lead to the evil pharmaceutical industry going out of business, thank bloody goodness. But in the meantime, before the evidence is overwhelming, companies are going to try and scam you before they can no longer make any more money. I'm sure there will be one in the UK that is suitable. I will be doing some research on the bacteria species, finding out what they do and how we can improve their population in the gut. I highly recommend you watch this episode of insight (show in Australia) where several medical professionals talk about exactly what we've been talking about. It is very interesting.


  • Hi all. Backtobasics95, I have to agree with what Elisse said about RLS being an autoimmune is not. RLS is a "neurological disorder." And again like everything else in life, what works for one may not work for another so if the FODMAP diet works for you and helps with your RLS, fantastic!!! Best of luck to you.

  • Hi there, I have acknowledged that rls isn't an autoimmune disease, so ignore the fact that I said that. And the low fodmap diet was just one part of what has led me to discover the importance of gut bacteria. I'm curious, is that all you got out of reading this? That the low fodmap diet may work for some and not for others? I do not mean this in an ill will manner, just wondering what you think. Also, please read my other comments that I made, there is more info and I clear up a few things.

  • Backtobasics95, thank you for your reply. My apologies if I overstepped my bounds, I didn't mean anything by it I promise. Your information on FODMAPs was very good and informative. Having had stomach problems my entire life, I am always interested in hearing what others think about it I have GERD, IBS, gastritis, etc. and any information I hear about how to make tummy problems go away, I am interested. What I find particularly interesting is how FODMAP's relate to RLS since I unfortunately never found a correlation between the two. Please let us know what new information you run across. Thanks.

  • No problems lbf. I will definitely be posting as much information as possible. Jeez I wish we could fast forward five years in time, research on this stuff is so promising right now, they are finding out valuable things every day.

  • I couldn't agree with you more...except I would love to change that five years to one year :)

  • I have RLS pretty much around the clock due to augmentation of the condition. I take Ropinirole in the evening which does not take care of the discomfort of not being able to sit or relax much during the day. Magnesium helps but I have found a new, surprisingly and unlikely product which has given me tremendous relief. Actually, my chiropractor asked if I wanted to be a guinea pig for him and asked me to wear a pair of socks with technology woven into them that supposedly helps neurological problems. He asked me to report to him because he was as skeptical as I was. Really. Socks???? You have to be kidding. I wore them night and day as he instructed. On the second day, I could sit completely RELAXED. I don't have to get up and stand during church classes and services anymore or any other event nor make my husband stop the car so I can stand up for relief. I have been able to cut my Ropinirole dosage in half on MOST nights. Please read about the research and development of these socks on Research them yourself. They are expensive, but we pay that much and more on medicines for relief. I have purchased and given a pair to four people I know with different, severe neurological problems, hoping they will get relief. Although many, including myself, had results within a few days, some may have to wear them a few weeks before they notice change. Anyway, I wanted to share this experience because it helped me so much that I hoped others could be helped as well.

  • Wow cajunfilly that's unbelievable, congratulations on your new found success. Thank you for sharing the link!

  • Interesting product, shame they only ship to Canada and USA.

  • It is a new company, only a year old in June. An associate could purchase the socks and mail them overseas. I am an associate because I wanted to get a discounted price for me so I could get them for my family and friends whom I might be able to help. With shipping, it's not much of a discount, but it helps. Please know that I am not making a sales pitch. I have not given my name nor my number. At my own expense, I have donated socks to five others. The socks have helped me, but I am still a bit of a skeptic and am waiting on reports from others.

  • You need to read this book.

  • I will look this up. Thanks for the suggestion

  • Further info on the research into microbiota and mood.

  • I have difficulty reading a lot due to cataracts and diabetes, so I hope my question is not a stupid one. Would eating yogurt with live bacteria be helpful to improve the bacteria in the gut???

  • Yes, it would, but should only be necessary if you have recently being taking antibiotics. For healthy gut health you should be eating lots of fresh vegetables and little or no processed foods which contain artificial preservatives. Also oats are a good food to nourish your existing gut microbial, so I have porridge for breakfast every day. I also supplement my vitamin d3 and zinc intake from food. D3 deficiency often shows up in winter because it is produced by a body exposed to sunlight. It affects your mood so I suspect that it may be linked to gut microbial. Zinc is used in the production of white blood cells, so boosts your immune system, and would help you with the side effects of diabetes.

  • You are absolutely correct about eating lots of vegetables. These are what feed the good bacteria. I highly recommend buying a book called clever guts diet by Michael mosley. There is a section where he talks about rebooting your biome. In that section, he says to avoid certain foods for 2 weeks, then slowly reintroduce. In this 2 week phase, he says to avoid high prebiotic foods, as these feed good and bad bacteria. So you need to consume probiotic rich foods in that time. These include live culture yoghurt (I go with greek yoghurt, it's just filled with good bacteria), kefir, fermented foods such as sauerkraut, kimchi & miso, kombucha, kvass and smelly cheeses. Some of these most westerners have never heard about, but I can assure you most are darn easy to make. So you should just load up on probiotics (start slow) and eventually the bad guys will start to dwindle. Also, he makes it clear to eat 20-30 different varieties of vegetables a week. I'm only just starting this, so I'm not sure how I'm gonna find all these in the shops, but I'm gonna try. Being someone with restless leg syndrome, the reintroduction phase is gonna be tough, because everytime I eat a food I can't tolerate, it's gonna mean a couple rough nights, but It's the only real option I got. I have considered getting my gut biome analysed, so that the gut specialist can refer me for a faecal microbial transplant. This is where they put the poo of someone with a healthy stomach into yours. It usually takes a few procedures to be completely successful, as there may be some bad bacteria remaining, but that's something I wouldn't hesitate on doing. The only reason I'm not doing this is the place they do it at has a huge waiting list, like 3 months long. Have no time for that right now, so I'm trying this thing out described by Michael mosley. I really recommend buying the book, you don't even have to read it initially, just flip to the repair & Reintroduce section. Anyway, best of luck

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