I tell myself every night that I will not be a slave to the phone tonight and every night I fail.

I blame the time difference between our country's. I don't receive your emails/posts until I am in bed and I just can't seem to ignore them.

Hence. ... my sleep pattern is now somewhat non-existent.

I must be vigilant and put the phone out in the garage in the car where it will be out of mind and hopefully out of reach

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  • Phogan step away from the phone , it really messes with sleeping patterns . It's hard when you live in different time zones I have some USA friends in a group on face book so I feel you're pain . Xx😇

  • Thanks for your concern tonight the phone is definitely going to the car

  • Great night sleep .... Phone spent the night in the garage

  • Oh good well done you , see it can be done and I bet you feel better . Xx😇

  • Awesome news!

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