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Can I please have some suggestions to ease the restless legs. I've managed to come off my pramipexole so that I could conceive. I'm now three months pregnant and struggling to even sit down in the evenings due to the legs. I've got 6 months until I can take the meds again so ANY suggestions to help me through the night would be appreciated. So far I'm having hot and cold baths throughout the night, listening to meditation tapes, walking up and down the stairs, waving my legs in the air, hanging them out of the bed, sudoku on the iPad, started knitting at night......Is there anything else I've missed. I'm Going slightly insane here :(

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  • Congratulations on your pregnancy! Oh gosh it really is difficult when you are pregnant as majority of meds are a no no.I would certainly go and see your GP to discuss if there is anything that could help.Even stuff like magnesium oil that some find helpful would have to be checked out first by a doctor.

    Depending on whether you prefer hot or cold, theres hot water bottles or wheat bags that have been in the freezer. Massage with something like baby oil or lotion.TENS machines help some people but get ok from GP.

    What about asking your midwife she must have come across it before and have some tips or posting on netmums someone on there may know a trick or two.

    I really feel for you its one of the most common times for rls even in those who dont normally suffer with it but one of the hardest to treat.

    Sorry cant come up with any thing amazing but keep coming on here for support where we at least understand

    what you are going through, good luck x

  • Oh and check out your ferratin iron x

  • I use 10% ibuprofen gel (phorpain) rubbed into my legs at night. I could use it four times a day if required. Ask if this will help. Not sure if this can be used in pregnancy but I don't see why not. When I was pregnant my legs weren't as bad as they are now but I used a cream given to my mum for arthritis. Can't get it now which is a shame as it worked really well. Good luck, and congratulations.

  • Hi, been having a look for you if you google restless legs there is some info x

  • Has anyone you know got an exercise ball (i.e. wellness ball) that you can try sitting on. I find it relieves the jerking when my legs go before the tablets' effect kicks it. I suggest borrowing one to try as it may or not work for you. I know the circumstances are different but I noticed that I had no jerks or sensations in the evening when I was sitting on one. In contrast when I moved back to the sofa the twinges and jerks started again, but stopped when I moved back on to the ball. I think it's the movement needed to avoid loss of balance on the ball. Still, if you can borrow one to try it's worth a go.

  • Excellent idea Nurse 14

  • I love my exercise ball. My poor, dear mother has gotten used to me sitting on it, and bouncing up and down, gently. ;) I make it a little softer than what you would use for actual exercises, but it is probably the one non med thing I do that helps me the most in the early evenings, if I need it. Congrats on the pregnancy! I think we have covered most of "tricks" I also like rubbing on sports cream, one with menthol like Icy Hot, of that is ok during pregnancy, would have to check everything obviously. I also like to lay on my bed and put my legs up against the wall and push them hard against the wall when i get that "pre-RLS" feeling, when you know it is coming of you don't do something quick! ;)

  • Walking up and down the stairs isn't good for your knees.. the rest is stuff that you could teach the rest of us. I rather like your suggestions. Icing areas that are bothersome might help? Heating pad?

  • Hi Jennifer, the exercise ball is an excellent idea. My daughter, who does not suffer with RLS, got one of these balls as it was recommended by her yoga teacher and used it often during her pregnancy. I found it really comfortable to sit on too. :) I have heard other RLS sufferers found the exercise of great benefit and help. I believe my daughter's one was a cheap one from Argos. Amazon also sell them but that one is more expensive. I am not sure if the Argos one states it is ok for use during pregnancy but the max weight is 19 stone 10 lbs/125kg so takes a great weight. There are some reviews to look at too if you are at all interested.


  • Maybe a bath as warm as is comfortable could help

    Good Luck

  • Sorry you are already doing that !!

  • Thanks for the suggestions, I have an exercise ball in the loft which I've never used before so will dig it out. Last pregnancy I put an exercise bike in front of the tv and just sat on that all evening pedalling as it was the only way I could manage to sit down in the evenings.

    I have had all my levels checked with the docs thanks, nothing unusual found. Oh and last pregnancy I asked my midwife for advice on the restless legs, she told me to eat a banana before bed- I almost told her where to stick her banana , don't think she understood just how bad things were for me!!

    I found some temporary relief last night by lying with my legs raised against the wall until they were numb only the. Was I able to get some sleep. Who knows what I'll be doing tonight, sounds like I'll be bouncing around ona stability ball ;)

  • Hi Jennifer, I forgot to congratulate you earlier. I hope the ball does help you some at least. Please do keep in touch. We have had the excitement of one forum baby and it would be lovely to have another one too.


  • Ah yes beautiful baby Amelia I cried with happiness the day her pic was posted !

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