Restless Legs Syndrome
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Hi again everyone. CBD Brothers have requested I email them with my selection for three cannabis oil samples. As I have not had any experience with this type medication before, I would truly appreciate some advice on what I should try.

As everyone on this site can testify, we have all suffered severely from this hideous, torturous disease of Restless Legs.

However they can be extremely frustrating to describe as they can also be described as somewhat varied, some more severe, and some less.

My main concern is my chronic and severe RLS and I also suffer from chronic and severe insomnia.

All suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you

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I have not tried cbd brothers oil - I have used charlotte's web cbd oil which did not state whether it was from a sativa or indica strain.

The strains of marijuana I have seen recommended have been indica dominant or wholly indica so I would tend to order the white red or black edition oil.

I would be most interested to hear how you get on. The cbd oil I tried did not help my RLS symptoms but I think it helped to keep me calm more generally. It just became a bit expensive for a rather nebulous benefit. For assistance with RLS I need the actual cannabis made into an edible butter. Unfortunately, this is not legal - unlike cbd oil.


yeah, they'll make it so expensive, most can not afford it


Hi.I use CBD brothers Purple Edition capsules. They are from the Indica strain. It is not a panacea but helps give me a couple of hours sleep and is helpful generally for relaxation- a huge bonus with this agitating condition. I would approach the oils on a trial and error basis to find which suits you. Good luck.I would be interested to hear how you get on.x


I have been using CBD pure oil and it works great for me. So happy I found and tried it. Joann


Hi thanks for the advice. What should I actually ask for? I have not heard back from CBD Brothers since I sent my order for the oil and am thinking that maybe I didn't ask for the oil by the correct name.

May I also ask you ..... what particular symptoms of RLS do you actually use the oil for, how do you take it, how often, and what is the degree of the effect?

Also, how much does it cost?



The bottle Pure CBD tincture 100mg You can order a trial bottle for $5.00 after your trial bottle is used you will be billed $79. A little expensive the bottle will last over a month. You put some on your tongue and follow it a drink. My legs never hurt unless it is time for CBD Hope this helps. Joann


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