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Restless Legs Syndrome
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I need relief

Hi y'all, Most nights I have trouble getting to sleep, let alone staying asleep. Between my brain not pausing my legs insist on moving! I'm old enough to know better but I've tried taking Benadryl - because it usually makes me sleepy and I've taken Tylenol PM. I don't mix the 2 but last night after I took the 2 Tylenol PM's, my legs (Restless Leg Syndrome) would not be still. After 5:08am, they stopped. Up again at 9:30am because my brain wanted to think.... My doc had prescribed Ropinirole but it didn't seem to help. I thought it made it worse so I stopped taking them after 2 weeks. Should I give them another shot? Insomnia is awful but the RLS is worse. Thanks for reading 👍

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The Benadryl could be making things worse - many antihistamines do. Be worth skipping them - I'd rather lie awake at peace than have a fitful sleep.

Also to quieten the brain try 1/4 teaspoon pink Himalayan salt & 1/4 teaspoon Cream of Tartar in 120 mls of Pure OJ. It is meant to treat adrenal fatigue and can help that 'tired but wired' feeling you seem to be describing.


Have you tried amitripline? Good for helping to sleep, but you do have to up the does as the RLS gets worse.

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Hi Shawnee.

Do have a look at the rls.uk website for medications to avoid or contact the helpline for some advice. Amitriptyline can make rls worse and Ropinirole can and does cause augmentation - the lower the dose the better. Have you tried listening to a relaxation cd, concentrating on your breathing to still your mind? I have a butterfly brain and have found it very helpful (as long as the legs are still of course!).

Wishing you a peaceful night. Smoker x


Hi Shawnee,

I don't have the answers but just wanted to say that I identify with you and feel for you. I rub magnesium oil into my calves and area above knee that's worst. It does give some relief but not all the time. I think it's a combination of the magnesium and massaging the area that helps.

Books, films and sites like this are the things that keep my sanity on the long nights!

Patrick x

Ps Shawnee is a lovely name and if memory serves me from a North American Indian tribe?


Hiya I'm on ropinrole to with alzain and amitriplene at night I get to sleep but I'm now waking up again 12.30am then 2.30 then 6am so tired can hardly keep eyes open but legs just won't let me sleep so get up it's a long day and vicious circle 😪X


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