Relief at last

I had restless legs for about 18 months and to my ultimate joy it has stopped. I tried to find out why I had restless legs on every website I could find then one morning my husband was reading the side effects of Omeprazole. Two years ago my doctor prescibed a strong anti inflamatory drug together with Omeprazole to stop the acid building up in my stomach. This really helped with the pain I was experiencing however I statrted getting restless legs after about 3 months and it got steadily worse. I was so tired waking every night with what felt like electric shocks going through my entire body.

Then the revelation came when my husband read out one of the side effects of taking Omeprazol 'Hypomagnesaemia (low levels of magnesium in the blood)' after some investigating I found that low levels of magnesium can result in restless leg syndrome. So I stopped taking this drug on 17th Feb 2016 and satrted taking a magnesium supplement, over the past 15 days I have had only 1 slight episode of restless leggs. This is my story and is NOT a suggestion for anyone else to change their medication but I know it has helpped me. I will continue to take magmesium for 10 weeks to build up my levels. I will report back after the 10 weeks to let you know if my restless legs returns.

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  • Hi I am pleased that you are getting some improvement. It does seem in a tiny percentage of sufferers who have secondary RLS that magnesium supplements do help .Didn't help me but mine is Primary (genetic ) type of RLS. Always worth a go x

  • That will be interesting, I have been on omeprazal for a number of years as I have a hiatus hernia and it has worked for that very well ,but if for any reason it resolved RLS then it might be worth looking into please keep in touch

  • I have taken Magnesium tablets for aa few years now and unfortunately is hasn't helped at all. Good luck to you if it works for you.

  • Oddly enough on my last visit to the neurologist I was prescribed Neupro and omeprazole. A scan had shown that I had suffered mini strokes so she wanted me to have aspirin. A history of duodenal ulcer suggested the possibility of stomach bleeding so the omeprazole was to protect the stomach. I haven't found that the omeprazole has made the RLS worse but on the positive side I do think the Neupro is helping.

  • BRILLIANT, it gives us hope that the answer is somewhere out there just waiting to be found.

  • That's interesting. I have suffered with RLS for over 25 years and in the last few years has got worse which we are told happens as we get older. Oddly, I too was prescribed Omeprazole a few years ago for a hernia but I have been taking magnesium for a long while now but doesn't seem to make any difference. I need to keep taking it though as I am suffer excruciating pain (not heart burn but pain) when eating if I don't take it.


  • I read with interest, your post about medication, because I also suffered realy bad rls aboout 2/3 weeks after starting a course of zyban it was at one point nearly every night, that is some sort of anti depressant, this was a course to get me off those e-cigs, and I also take cilitropram 20mg a nte, now interestingly the zyban has stopped , and touch wood I have not had another episode up to now ................

    lets wait and see

    in anticipation.

    because no one can truly understand this torment unless they too have paced the floor ,whilst all the time your eyes are trying to shut ..through lack of sleep

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