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Following on from my previous post regarding family issues and the fact that I blame RLS for my miserable life, I would like to add the following:

At the conclusion of my diagnosis, the doctor sat back and said, 'Good God woman, this thing (and he didn't use the words 'is' or 'will' ... his exact statement was, 'Good God woman, this thing HAS totally ruined your life'.

Just saying ....

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Two nights ago, I was too tired to get up and take my meds that I take every night for my RLS. I didn't sleep but maybe 2 hours. I was up and down and restless. I had to get up early and began a very busy day. When I got home, I tried to take a nap. Once I laid down, my RLS kicked in. My. Brain forced My to bycicle my legs, toss and turn. I was so tired but knew napping was hopeless. I got up, took my RLS meds, a Xanax (I'm allowed 1 per day) and fixed a drink. Please, no preaching------ this is something I never do, but I was delirious with exhaustion. Yes, I slept deeply for a few good hours. Point is, if I had to live with active RLS I would constantly be exhausted and the quality of my life would go way down.


I live with it and I am a zombie and I don't judge you when it's at it's worse I think I would take drink anything to blot it out .So the fact you had a drink is you're business and no one else's .Hope you're having a better day today .

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Well, shoot! I'm sorry the doctor said that!!! Apart from him stating the obvious, we don't need it to be confirmed by outsiders! That just makes us feel worse! I am so sorry! I just hope you're a strong woman because I'm afraid to think of what I might do if my doctor told me that!

Take care,


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