Iron infusions

Had my final infusion today, that's 5 if you're keeping count! The last one seemed to have more punch to it as I'm more tired and nauseous similar to the first one.

As I am feeling better overall it is definitely worth it! One rls breakthrough today and I have been sleeping much better. Knock on wood. Seriously, everyone knock on wood! 😉

I return to my Dr. in about 2 1/2 months to see if my feratin levels hang in there.

Kindly keep your fingers crossed too! 😬

4 Replies

  • Knocking on wood and crossing everything for you Annejende,


  • Yay!!!

  • Yes, knocking on wood and crossing all body parts that can be crossed for you ;D

    Good luck !!

  • Why did you get infusion vs oral tablets. How are you now?

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