Restless Legs Syndrome
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Iron infusion update

Just to keep you up to date I have completed infusion #4 of 5 today. No nauseousness and my rls has improved greatly. Nothing throughout the day and have been sleeping fairly well. 6 hours each night.,.ok that's awesome.

Follow up visit with my neurologist in 6 weeks to see where the levels are and if I need meds.

I am on an additional gabapentin. For those of you who don't know me I already take 2/day for epilepsy.

May the good news continue for myself and also all of you!

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Wonderful news Annejende.


So pleased for you, long may it continue.



Great to hear!!!!! Keep us posted!


Good to hear the infusions are working. ! :)

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Just learned the hard way that I still need to watch what I eat. Got cocky and ate some potato chips and some chocolate and am now riding my dreaded bike!

Ah well, it is shorts weather may as well tone these legs! 😉


Hope the chips/choc set back was temporary and you are now once again enjoying 6++ hours sleep. Please keep us posted. Am thrilled it is working. Will be interesting to see what your iron levels are when you finally complete the process.


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