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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Restless legs and other symptoms

I have suffered from restless legs. Ibs and helicabacta. Whenever I'm looking for help online I usually only type in one symptom.

However 2 days ago I decided to put them all in to see what would come up.

Seems people with rls normally also have ibs. Which can be linked to helicabacta.

Looking up the details. It would seem it all be linked possibly to bad bacteria. In the gut.

So I've gone to the healthfood shop and stocked up on garlic capsules and a high probiotic tablet .

I'm gonna give this a go. As we all know there's no cure for rls so any things worth a try.

Currently prescribed amitriptline for my legs. Will continue to take them . See if the pains when I sit down will improve with the health food shop pills x

Keep you posted

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I'd be inclined to stop the Amitryptoline before doing anything else. Depending on why you are taking it.

Most people would find the Ami is a major rls irritant.

Food and gut biome is certainly a factor in rls- but seemingly no common thread. Some people find different diets work or don't work- very much a case of " suckitandsee"

Good luck.


Can't wait to hear! I'm fascinated with the idea but too tired to do anything about it! I know, I know....it's a viscous circle!

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Yes. There are many reports of people achieving good results with diets that are directed at resolving IBS. The fodmap diet has some ardent advocates on here. Unfortunately, there are others for whom diet makes no impact. It is a pesky condition.

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Hi kmadden21

I agree with Madlegs, it could well be the amitriptyline that is doing you no favours regarding RLS. It is listed as one of the meds to avoid on the rls-uk.org site, under the heading Treatment.

It would appear that very few RLS sufferers are able to tolerate this med, You may of course be one of the lucky 1%.

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