RLS - pramipexole vs Wrap

I have been suffering with RLS for several years now. Tried pramepixol for the last two years only as needed. I never took it everyday. recently I tried a wrap from testifying, which is approved by FDA and available only with prescription. OMG, this is a great solution! Such a relief! I am bought one online and going to see my GP to get a prescription.

Con: too expensive :(. I don't know if it is covered by insuarance. You have to check.

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  • Auto correct made some spelling mistakes :(( .


  • So pleased the restiffic foot wrap has worked for you Richvamidl

  • What is this? I've not heard of it. Please explain. I'm happy for you.

  • I swear by pramepexole as if I miss it's a nightmare I'm on 0.18mg 3x a night but never heard of wrap which I will look into although I'm happy with pramepexole at Mo

  • Hi Tara, I know it's officious of me and not what you want to hear, but that's a very high dose of pramipexole for rls. You should be vigilant about side effects - particularly compulsive behaviour (shopping, internet addiction, gambling) which is difficult to recognize in yourself as it feels quite natural. I would urge you not to increase the dose any further even if the pramipexole stops covering all your symptoms. You could maybe bolster it with a different med. all best

  • Hi,

    I tried to test myself not to take pramipexole some nights but I couldn't get sleep without it.. well done you. I am off to doctors today, will check what they know about it :)

    Thanks and hope it is covered by insurance. :)

  • I was away from home 1 night and forgot my pramipexole my God did i suffer no sleep that night and just about climbing the walls by the time i got home.I was taking 6 tonight i know this is a high dose i have cut it to 5 still to high but i would be very interested in this wrap but i have never heard of it

  • That's a lot of dose! Hope you find an alternative medicine.

  • Be cautious about the dose of pramipexple and be aware of possible side effects (see my post to Tara above). If you have augmented on pramipexole it is unlikely that the foot wraps (or anything less than opiates) will be particularly effective. You may need to undergo the difficult process of withdrawing from the pramipexole if the wraps are to stand a reasonable chance of working for you. You could also look at the Relaxis pad which I find affords relief for my rls when it is not too severe.

  • I never knew about them side affects which thankfully I don't do but I can't not have them I've a 9 yr old daughter and no sleep and climbing Walla isn't ideal esp when your on a school run and driving ,I'm also on gabapentin 1800mg and several other meds as I have FM it's like no win situation you have you get side effects you don't then your lifes a living hell with pain and no sleep x

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