RLS and cheese

I have suffered with RLS for forty years. Finally, I have found my cure, and would like to share it with you. First of all, I've tried everything, from drugs (Requip) to quitting sugar, caffeine, putting a bar of soap at my feet! About 3 months ago, after a period of 2 weeks with no symptoms, I wracked my brain trying to figure out what was different. The only thing I could think of was that I hadn't had cheese for that long. During my google investigation, I found a few articles on the relationship between dairy and RLS. Long story short, I quit cheese (all dairy, actually) and haven't suffered since--except one night last week after eating what I thought was a vegan salad from Granville Restaurant. Turns out it wasn't vegan after all. It was a delicious Mexican cheese, which I will never intentionally eat again. FYI, I still don't eat caffeine, sugar, or drink alcohol, which may help. But nothing has made such a dramatic improvement as giving up the cheese. I hope this helps someone.

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  • Rlsfree, Hi are you actually saying if you dont cheese you dont have any restless leg symptoms at all after 40 yearx of suffering? How often and severe were your restless legs?

  • You are extremely lucky that you happen to come across the fact that cheese was the culprit. In most cases I don't think it is food as it is an actual neurological disorder caused from an imbalance in dopamine. But good luck, hope it continues to work for you.

  • It is a neurological disorder, that has some creepy similarities to Huntingtons. That's never occurred in my family though my last name is Day, and there are so many Day's, I'd never know who had what.

    I was around Huntington's patients five years ago, the similarities crossed my mind earlier today...wonder if there's any research? Here, Google, Com'mere Sit, Lie Down, Now Huntingtons, RLS, Research, Fetch

  • I dont eat cheese, i dont like it. Still have RLS tho. But i know some people seem to find a food that they realise is a trigger for their RLS. If they avoid that food, it can reduce the symptoms, but the RLS is always in the background.

  • Hi rlsfree, I have been off dairy and caffeine for a few years now and although I still have some symptoms (even as I write!) it has made a huge difference. It's amazing how different we all are though and what works for one won't work for another. Glad you have also found some relief.

  • Same here, severe RLS for 20 years, I went dairy free because in spite of trying different meds they were no longer working. I still need my meds, but I am on the lowest dose and have been dairy free for 2 months.

  • Yes, my experience with RLS symptoms is primarily caused by what I eat. High roughage foods (bananas, oats, beans, sometimes greasy meats) cause trapped gas. Avoiding these foods and getting exercise outside in the morning, when my body best absorbs the Vit D from the sun have eliminated my RLS symptoms. I sleep beautifully now. If I do get an RLS attack, I move the body around, twist at the waist, walk, perform a gas-releasing yoga position, drink water and then go to the toilet to release the gas or defecate. Other people have had similar positive results by changing their diet: see Canadian David Wimble’s site on avoiding inflammatory foods.: rlcure.com/

  • My Rls was so bad last couple of months which drive me crazy , i started to take omega 3 and it makes a real big difference to me , it havent disappear but it was much more better , last night i ate cheese twice and it goes real crazy again , I think its what trigger mine yesterday .

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