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We have been working with a well known London hospital to develop new patient information leaflets specific to RLS medications. We would like to know what you think of them. If you are on any of the medications, do you feel the information in the respective leaflets is correct, sufficient and useful?

To see the leaflets and provide your feedback, please visit . Please try to be as constructive as possible in your feedback - this has been a significant piece of work for everyone involved! Please provide your feedback ON THE PAGE IN THE LINK , and not below this item.

Please note that these are DRAFT documents and therefore should NOT yet be used for reference. Final versions will be released in due course.

Thank you

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  • This is a GREAT idea! It needs to be done, for sure! Will give feedback.

  • Thankyou RLS -UK.

    I have only looked at the 3 dopamine agonists meds and unless I have missed it I can't see anythingabout augmentation. Under the anything else I need to know about this med section it would be useful to include something along the lines of "This med can cause augmentation, then a description of the warning signs of augmentation, then finishingwith if you think you may have augmentation please consult your doctor x

  • I do not take any of the medications so cannot comment but I do agree with Pippins, that if augmentation is not mentioned it would be extremely beneficial to sufferers if it was, to hopefully prevent it happening so often.

    There are postings often daily, from people in distress because they are suffering from augmentation but they are not aware of this until members of the forum enlighten them.

  • It does say, if symptoms become worse. consult your doctor. But mentioning Augmentation by word with some details would probably be better. :)

  • Elisse, I agree, the word augmentation should be used and explained. :)

  • I know what the word augmentation means but not in medical terms x

  • Perhaps this link may help, Matrix:

  • Thank you Kaarina for the link , I have read and now understand what it means medically. X

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