Could this be RLS

Just checking to see if I've had a "light bulb" moment. A few nights ago I was aware of a deep aching sensation which seemed centred around my upper groin and radiated down inner thigh to the knee and up over the front of my thigh.It was constant and i kept trying to stretch it and change positions which helped for a minute or two but would start again. I eventually took an ibuprofen which seemed to help and i fell asleep.But tonight I started again .This time on the other thigh. I took high strength Ibuprofen and it has eased. Could this be a mild case of RLS?

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  • For 2 nights? May I ask your age, first? Secondly, this is the very first time this has happened. RLS is a lifelong condition for those of who have genetic RLS. 2 nights, it is really hard to answer that, and we would need a lot more history to even guess. Any surgeries, meds or different foods lately?

  • From your description, it does not sound like any variant of rls commonly experienced. More likely nerve issue or deep muscle spasm. The fact that ibuprofen has an effect strengthens that view.

    Go see a dr for a proper diagnosis.

    Good luck.

  • Hi Lb88. I saw my osteopath yesterday with exactly the same symptoms. It turned out to be caused by the ball and socket joint in my hip. Perhaps you Should check ith your GP

  • +1 on what Madlegs and nightdancer said

  • Yes, please see your doctor since 2 days of symptoms of "RLS" is unheard of. You probably have something else going on, unless you have JUST started a medication that could trigger RLS symptoms, like an antidepressant, over the counter meds for sleep, etc.

  • Ibuprofen makes my legs worse and has no effect on my pain x

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