I have had R.L.S ever since being a little child, I have tried everything I can possibly think of to relieve it. The most success has been getting in the shower and sitting under the water with my knees up and head on knees. I normally stay there for 15 minutes upwards and it can relax the symptoms away and then I can get a little sleep. <3

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  • Well lucky you personally if you have severe restless legs this wouldnt work and what do you do when out and about i kno this wouldnt work for me .

  • I do have it bad, I can't remember a day I didn't have it in years I can't sleep can't sit down can't concentrate on anything at all the shower only helps me when I am completely exhausted and ready to punch someone lol. I don't really go out much jeannie due to other medical problems

  • Jeannie what has been suggested with the hot baths/showers, is to see if it helps for night time. Obviously no one is going to have a hot bath when they are out.!!

  • I've had severe RLS for some time now and at one stage I was taking 4/5 baths/showers a day to help combat the worst of the symptoms.

  • Lots of people take hot baths for relief even when having severe RLS. It can give some restbite from the sensations, altho most including me, find once out the hot bath the sensations come back, but while sitting in the bath at least sitting is possible. Also when showering i pound the water on the back of my legs, which also feel like heaven at the time.

  • thanks for the tip elisse, I would take a bath if i didn't have severe anxiety at the thought of a bath so shower will do :) xx

  • Try wearing a pair of cold wet socks in bed - sounds crazy but it helps me :)

  • socks in bed would be a massive no for me socks at anytime seem to make my rls go crazy, maybe I will try it during the day and see if its any relief though thanks :)

  • Me to arrrrrrrrr

  • you can try squeezing your feet very hard with your fingers and massaging your legs very hard, even punching them. Do this for a few minutes as soon as the restless sensations start, then put your wet socks on. You should get right off to sleep.

  • Yeah, I've been there with punching my legs too! Punching, thumping etc. Takes the sensations away for a minute or so. Sorry, the thought of wet socks in bed is a real no-no, especially as I suffer from pain in my right foot. I don't want trench foot as well!

  • Thank you for taking the time to give us your help. Shame some people need to be critical on the site from a fellow sufferer. Take care.

  • thank you, negativity is everywhere these days just ignore it :D merry christmas <3 x

  • I stopped posting because of negative fedback.

    We are all different. i presented what works for me. TRY IT, if it works tell others.

    But don't say it wont work if you haven't tried it and give bad repsonses,

    If you don't like a message here, then ignore it, others may gain some good.

  • Same as myself so sad nothing works for me 😔

  • Hot baths help for a few minutes. I find Advil help (2 at bedtime.)

  • Hot baths and showers do work temporarily. Some nights when I can't sleep I will have taken 4-5 baths thru the night.. it doesn't help once you're out as someone else mentioned

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