RLS Free New Year to All

Hope everyone has a better 2017 than 2016 & that those legs behave themselves.

Had a glass of Fizz to welcome in the New Year & paid for it with the legs. I'm doing Dry January & dry 2017.

Thanks to all the wonderful people who helped me get off the poisonous Ropinirole & through the dark days & nights of withdrawal.

A toast to you all in Water & green tea!

HNY 2017


4 Replies

  • RLS - the cure for alcoholism :) Have a great and peaceful 2017.

  • Happy New Year Jools. ohhhhh, not a good idea on the Fizz, i saw the New Year in with a cup of tea and two jammy dodger biscuits.!! I know how to live the high life. lol

  • Happy New Year Jools

    pipps x

  • Wishing you a peaceful and healthful 2017 Jools and everyone else.xx

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