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New to RLS?


Hi everyone. Its 3am and I've spent the last 4 hours trying to fall asleep but not having any luck because of the continuous need to move my legs. It's been like this for a few weeks now but I do get the odd one other two days of ok sleep in between. I haven't been diagnosed with RLS yet but this is now the 3rd time I've had this problem within the last 8 months and I'm beginning to think I have RLS. I also jave an undiagnosed problem with my right knee which cramps up every couple of weeks. At first the doc thought gout but not theyre thinking it could be ligament damage. Im having an MRI next week. Please can anyone suggest any home remedies etc that may help? Not being to sleep is making me feel really depressed and not sure how to deal with this. It's really frustrating.

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Hello, I've done the same as you been up all night long thank god for the iPad and eBay to look at, it drives me crazy second night this week with zero sleep ! And I'm on sleeping pills go figure eh, and many meds for my RLS.

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Look at my post for a help for rls.

Hi, quinine is a good start for restless legs. I have been on quinine for years. But now on other medication for it. If you GP wont give you quinine drink a glass of tonic water before you go to bed (it has quinine in).

Hope you get some relief soon. My gp said to me last week he didn't understand restless legs. I said I hope you never get it to find out! x

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Don't think anybody does , strange phenomenon but I've found " goodnight magnesium spray " has given me loads of relief. Worth a try

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Hi, babssara, My GP and Sleep Specialist both just look (on their computers) at what the Phamaseutical Companies say about their products. I wish they would both "tune in" to this website and see what misery RLS causes people.

Try " goodnight magnesium spray " from Holland and Barratt or Amazon , (purple box ) works for me . Lasts for ages , just a few sprays on the legs , massage in and go to bed . Worth a try . Good luck



Quinine is not good for RLS. It was always used for cramps. Quinine can also cause health issues, mostly heart problems. Look up quinine. The amount of quinine in Tonic water is sooooo minute it wont help. If you are not having RLS every night, then maybe a med like codeine which can be taken on your bad nights. Non med remedies, people try hot baths if your RLS "likes" heat, sometimes cold helps others. Stretching your legs sometimes helps. Playing music when you get to bed can be a distraction and lets you drift off. Best not to start taking any med that needs taking every night yet. If your RLS progresses to every night then thats usually when a stronger med is used.

If you do have rls,it sure sounds like you do, do a search for the Relaxis pad. Quite expensive but for me it is working very well, I have tried everything to get relief for 10 yrs now i am asleep and stay asleep all night. Next year it may be covered by Medicare and other ins.

Have you recently started on any new medication as some meds can worsen/trigger RLS?

I have had RLS for over 40 years and have taken alot of different meds. I can't think of any home remdy you could take. You might ask your dr for some percocet as that will give you some relief. Most doctors are really hesitent on giving it out as it is one of those drugs abused by so many. I have read that people with RLS who take pain meds for it do not become addicted. Just a little would help you sleep. I keep a journal on my rls and note the times I take my meds along with the percocet so I am sure I don[t take too many. I take the lowest dose now and even then cut it in half and is wonderful in stoppint the rls.

I have the same problem but I do find by splashing really cold water from my thighs downwards to my feet and then laying out of the covers really helps usually. I read something about rls being set off if your thighs get hot and I do find my thighs get very hot at night. Also, the earlier I go to bed the more likely I am to get jumpy legs

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