Restless Legs Syndrome
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Sleep pain

Been inbed 3 hours and just ten minuits steep acking all over feeling like ive been hit by a truck. this is 3 nights now got spine injections wed then at long last see rymy specialist on saturday .Lets hope i get some answers as had to fight to get a appointment as not seen anyone since being diognosed 4 years ago all they say is everythink is down to the fibromyalgia. 😥😩

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Sounds bad. My mum has had fibromyalgia for around 26 years and also suffers with RLS (which she nicely passed on to me, with interest...). It's still one of those conditions where understanding and treatment is patchy. Do remember that there is also the Fibromyalgia Association you can get in touch with for support and advice. Don't give up.


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