Restless Legs Syndrome
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work for royal mail full time and need help in trying to get sleep really struggling now and have been for the past year on pramipexole not doing much to help been down all the channels available with consultants etc and meds feel like ive nowhere else to go i fall asleep in work and a while ago whilst driving and ended up in grass verge no one hurt but my pride [ lucky].Fell so low without sleep my eyes play tricks with me see things that aint there any help will be a blessing on average no more than around 2 maybe 3 hours at best but thats cat napping not deep sleep HELP please if you can

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Hi NICK , you may be having augmentation with the pramipaxole, do you find your symptoms starting earlier in the day ?


Nick having looked back over your old posts I can see you have tried all the dopamine meds in increasing doses.Have you tried the anticonvulsant meds eg gabapentin, pregablin.

Are you taking any meds that could make rls worse such as antidepressants or antihistamines or anti sickness?

if not I think the only thing left is to try a strong painkiller such as morphine or similar, Sounds drastic but your quality of life is being badly affected and you cant carry on like this,

Could you book some time off work to come ofc the pramipexole and change over to strong pain meds?

I fully understand how the chronic sleep deprivation is horrendous , only 3 nights ago I was pacing and coming to after banging into walls.

I am truly worried about you driving in such a state.However you manage to hold down a full time job I dont know.I am so sorry I have bad nights but at least I am now retired ( I took early retirement).

I really think the pramipexole is probably making things worse in the long run.When do you see the consultant neurologist again?

I hope and pray you get some relief soon

Lv kim


thanks for advice its hard holding down the job but needs must with two children ill take advice along to doctor and see what he has to say thanks again


I really feel for you. I must say I've had a few frightening incidents with my driving thro tiredness. Have you tried the Neupro patch? It made a massive difference for me but I know it doesn't suit everyone. Have you asked to see Professor Chaudhuri in London (NHS and private)? Referrals can be done to him from all over the country but it is sometimes hard to get a referral. I had to demonstrate that there was no RLS expert in my area and that I had tried everything else. There is a long waiting list to see him and his team but at least you'd feel like you were going to get help sometime. Good luck


yes to patches didnt work will see doctor about referral but wont hold by breathe i know more about rls than he does thank you


I'm thrilled that you are feeling better. I will sleep better knowing that you are sleeping better. Is Neupro it for you or is there anything else you take to tame the beast?


I take two pramipexole a day. RLS is still there but much better than it was, unless I put my patch on too late! Thanks


Have you been checked for sleep apnea? I heard all that you said.. I get it that it's the rls that keeps you from sleeping but when you do sleep, is it quality? Do you ever reach REM sleep? Incidentally it's lack of sleep or the right kind of sleep that can cause it.. Anyone who falls asleep behind the wheel needs to consider it. Please be careful and take care..


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