Restless Legs Syndrome
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Sudden Sleep

My very first head crash while taking pramapexol .88 x 3

I was typing away on my resume..I was awake drinking a can of soda.

Suddenly my head went down, I blacked out as in went to sleep..

I was warned about that but I didn't ever have it happen until last

night..It wasn't a "Oh I'm tired now" but it was instantly..My head

came down onto my keyboard like I passed out.

My body came to with a big jump..and I said "Oh Gosh, I fell asleep"

It will freak you if you have it happen to you. Then I realized that

I am driving around while taking this stuff....I may have to give

it up (driving or the meds) Now that I know that I am prone to

that side effect I have to ask you all if that ever even once

happened to you? I took my medicine 3 hours before that happened.

Can that happen at any time as in the next day?

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Yikees..!!! that is scarey. Its never happened to me, but i know it is a side effect from that med... You are the first one i have heard it happen too.


oo not nice, no its not happened to me..........yet


I am currently taking Simponi (kills off my immune system) and a

chemo pill (to kill off my very over-active immune system) daily

and we added pramapexol 3 months ago.

I can't believe how fast it happened. I was perfectly fine one

minute and asleep in a heartbeat.

I see my Rheumy and Neuro on Oct 1st. (I will ask)

I took an oath not to drive while on these meds.


Good idea.....dont want that happening while you are driving....doesnt bear thinking about..


It does disrupt my life so much though..

I'm not chancing it..I can't even believe that it happened.

My 16 yr old daughter and her friend saw it happen to me.

They were laughing because they thought I was playing a joke.

= / I'm worried.

I had that 2 day break from pramapexol because I accidentally

dumped my pills in the dirty dish cupboard is

so close to it.. anyway, My legs, arms, back almost threw me

over the edge of a bridge. I reached the crying point from it

being so amplified..if I had to live that way then I would surely

turn to the street for drugs to relieve the symptoms..It was

that bad..


Oh yes, our little legs, arms etc. get used to the dopamine, take it away, and RLS goes into overdrive.....withdrawals.....yuk. If you ever have to get off the dopamine agonists, it takes a while to get back to where your RLS was, before you started those meds.... Agony, while you do that... :(


It get's more complicated when you suffer from more than one condition. I suffer from RLS, Periodic Limb Movement Disorder, Sleep Apnoea and getting to bed late and getting up early (on work days). The side effects of RLS (especially the highest dose of the Neupro patch I found) can be extreme tiredness. Sleep Apnoea, if not properly treated, also leads to extreme tiredness. If you're lucky to get it, lack of "normal" sleep also leads to tiredness. The point of all this? My experience was whilst talking to my wife late at night, I was so tired I just collapsed suddenly, i.e. fell asleep standing up! This was shocking to both of us as it had never happened before and was unexpected. I have found that I can almost fall asleep standing up but when your legs go, your body awakens you. It didn't then. I didn't hurt myself (too much!) but yes the driving/operating machinery concerns are justified.

Best wishes, Tpebop, Kent, Britain.


Hello Yikes,

This usually happens to me if I am on the computer reading something or typing or taking maybe a long telephone call. But it did not ever happen while driving. Hope it works out the same for you as I am lucky I am retired now and don't have to worry about the road. Only drive when I choose to a bit different for you though.



Hi Elisse,I have been taking 4x 0.88mg for over 8 years and falling asleep at any time is one of my problems. All of a sudden it's like I hit a brick wall and I have this overwhelming need to sleep. Other times like now I'm still awake at 2.54 in the morning. Last night I crashed out at 10pm and struggled to get out of bed at 9am. Trying hard to come of Mirapexin at the moment. have cut down to 2.5 x 0.88mg. Jenor


Aw's a tough one. I had the sudden crash just once..Now after talking

to the Neurologist, I am not certain that it was because of the medicine or if it

was total exhaustion..

Are you on other medicines besides Mirapexin? Sometimes I wonder if other

meds interact...I mean it's unlikely that anyone else is taking everything that

you or anyone else is taking.

Mirapexin is fine by itself..but what if you are taking 4 other drugs besides that?

Not too many studies are conducted with people taking 3 or 4 different meds

and there is such a wide variety of side effects that can and do happen...

it's almost impossible to know unless there is better studies and more data is

reported...about mixing 3 or more drugs...

I think with your messed up/ mixed up sleeping schedule it's a bad thing

to sleep for 11 hours..Your body did what it needed to do..but if you do

that day after day after day...then maybe it's time to talk to the doctor..

and switch up or down your meds..

It's so hard to retrain the body to get to bed at regular hours..especially

when our legs keep at it...The only thing that you can control is to

set an alarm and obey it in the morning...hard as it may be..force

yourself to get up..and get going.

I'm thinking that some of us are not wired to go to bed at 10pm and

to wake up at 6am. Rather than fight and fight it, it might be better

to obey our natural sleeping pattern which may be sleeping 5 am

to 1pm..if you have that liberty..just work at night or do housework,

anything but sit in front of the tv or computer.

I just finished making two days worth of meals and cleaned up

the kitchen. I am waiting for my last load of laundry from

the dryer. Once it's all folded, hung on hangers, I'm going to

bed or to watch a taped show of Katie Couric..or another talk

show..until I naturally go to sleep at 4 am...then I am getting

up with the kids to get them off to school, going back to bed

and then working early afternoon until 8pm..


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