Well I've been having serious trouble with sleep this last month since I've been diagnosed, and yesterday I had a review with my GP. As expected he wouldn't give me anything to help me sleep but he did increase my Ropinirole to 1mg. Guess who got the best part of 7 hours sleep out of 12?? Normally it would take 3 days to get than much!!

I've also had blood test for absolutely everything (including ferritin) done, so by the middle of next week I should have a few more answers....maybe a better plan on the table for treatment options. I did mention the Sertraline that I'm also on, and he was not concerned about that aggravating my RLS...yet...but he'll keep an eye on it based on what I tell him.

I've got a feeling I'm going to have to start keeping a diary, there's so much to remember now.

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  • You have started on the slippery slope of augmentation , - so now is the time to research your back up plan.

    Research Neupro patch.

    And read/ search on for plenty of experiences and answers.


  • Augmentation?! Already?! I've had 4 weeks on the lowest my body really is ****ed up. Right then, research it is...thank you, I really have no idea what mess I'd be in without the help and support you and others here have offered. I am so grateful.

  • I didn't mean to panic you- just a friendly heads up.

    If your situation is that you are just starting medication for rls - then an increase in dose is perfectly fine. I think you can go up to 2mg for rls on Rop. Someone else will comment on that.

    It is fair to say that DAs will eventually cause augmentation , but you could get 10 yrs out of it. No harm having the key to the back door in your hand!

    Sorry again for the upset.

  • No upset caused I promise, any help is very welcome from people who know better.

  • I find if I take 2 rop i become quite ill.

  • You are right Madlegs 2mgs for Ropinerole is the tops which is what the RLS experts are now saying. Some prefer 1mg... but 2mg is exceptable, just not any higher than that because of the dreaded augmentation as i know you know.

  • I will it in mind and hope you continue to do well on Neupro.

  • Hi mwsteele

    Here is a link to an article on Augmentation which may be of help to you and also of interest to your doctor:

  • I take 1mg ropinirole before I go to bed,but still can't sleep.

  • Do try 2mg - it might help. I am on 2 x 2mg - one about 6pm and the other when I go to bed. So far, it is working. PeNy.

  • PeNy.

    Read Pippins reply to me above.

  • mwsteele

    The sleep must have been SUCH a relief! Hope ropinirole keeps on helping you.


  • It caught me completely off guard!! However, big side effect now is profuse sweating...why is nothing simple?!

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