Something non med to try

I'm off the pramipexole now for about 5 weeks, I got desperate to try something natural as im sick off the side effects of the pharma meds, I trawled the internet to se what I could try, for the last week ive not had the usual symptoms off the RLS which ive had for over 20 years,

I take 1 iron tablet,

1 magnesium tablet

And raw pumpkin seeds, I was a bit 'as though this is going to work' mindset but for me it's working, I was willing to try anything

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  • That's great. Let us know how it goes long term.

    So many different things work for different people. Some not at all.

    Really hope it is successful for you long term.


  • The iron is a lifesaver. I can't figure out why but unless I take it at night before bed it does nothing. At night complete relief from RLS. Plus someone else on here recommended ferrous bisglycinate so that's the type I take.

  • In other words if I take the iron in the morning it does nothing for my night time RLS. It relieves it 100%, no drugs needed whatsoever. I guess if I took the bisglycinate in the morning for daytime RLS then it might be worthwhile.

  • I would like to try - how much iron and magnesium do you take daily/ am/ pm?

  • 25mg of ferrous bisglycinate I take on empty stomach about 30 minutes before bed. Gets rid of RLS 100%. It does nothing for my night time RLS when I take in the morning. DicCarlson, another member recommends "Magtein" aka magnesium threonate. I may try that too. Someone on here said you have to take the two at different times otherwise they may counteract each other. Iron always alone. Good luck. Life changing!!!

  • Thank you for that info. I have ordered a supply of FB from Amazon UK to day.

    I have tried unsuccessfully Magnesium Malmate - but will look into Threonate - if Fb fails. Currently taking 2/3mg of Ropinirole daily and 600/900mg of Gabba pentin daily. Augmentation experienced and Neuro Specialist says he cannot prescribe anything better so passing me on to a RLS specialist. I've been down that road before and generally find myself being prescribed 2mg Requip XL/slow release Ropinirole daily and that cannot control my RLS.

    Thus seeking a remedy that in part or complete that gives me some quality of life without augmentation.

  • I must admit I can no longer imagine life without it. I'm extremely lazy when it comes to research but finally read the John Hopkin's article posted on here. Then I put "RLS" and "Bisglycinate" into the search box above and read a few more posts on it. If you put just "iron" in the search box then hundreds of posts come up. It's somewhat long but there is one post titled "some answers" that is similar to your situation so that is one you might want to read.

  • I've never heard of an RLS specialist. How do I go about finding one in my area?

  • Neurologists in the NHS deal with all related illness, but often specialize in particular / community needs. The Neurologist I have been seeing since 2011 has been very supportive but his main interest is with MS, His opinion that I would be better supported by a Neurologist who specializes in RLS treatment so I am being referred.

    I have seen a London Hospital RLS Neurologist in the past and I wasn't impressed by his approach - basically prescribing Requip XL as the solution to all RLS symptoms. For me not so!

    You can find out the names of Neurologist RLS Consultants in your NHS trust by going to it's web site - selecting Neurology Dept, and a brief description of what the individual doctors specialize in will be there for you to read.

    You can also ask to see a Neurologist out of area - eg London Hospitals if you think that would be your best option.

  • I take an iron tablet first thing in the morning, the magnesium I take around 3pm and just nibble on pumpkin seeds throughout the day, if I dont have enough I pumpkin seeds, I end up with my legs kicking out in bed and get up to eat a couple of hands full, up to now it does the trick for me, the iron and magnesium tablets are just off the shelf, I get mine frkm Asda.

  • You take the iron in the morning? And it still works for you! Maybe I should have kept at it but it only stops the night time RLS when I take it at night. Well keep up the good work.

  • I take OTC iron tablet in morning magnesium OTC tablet around 3-4pm, pumpkin seeds I just nibble on them all day long, I read up on them they send dopamine to the brain when you eat them, hopefully if you try any of these you get some relief from them.

  • I'm off to Holland & Barrett to buy a large bag of pumpkin seeds! So glad it's all working for you.


  • I've ordered some online 1kg for £5.99, I've been getting the odd bag fròm pound shop, until I get mine delivered.

  • Some info about pumpkin seeds can be found here:

    They seem to be full of a number of minerals.

  • Interesting the taking of pumpkin seeds for RLS relief. I have been having treatment for an enlarged Prostrate and the prescribed Tamuoslin tabs have side effects that drop my blood pressure, dizziness + vomiting and my RLS was worse. I then read about Pumpkin seed oil as an alternative for Prostrate problems. Since I have been taking 3000mg of Pumpkin seed oil daily my prostrate problems are less, although there is no evidence that it has shrunk.

    So the PO may be having a RLS benefit, but not that it has eradicated it. I will try the seeds as well.

  • Hi Welshone,

    Thank you for posting this. I've been off Tramadol for a week, (after nine years) and RLS is bad. Still looking for the perfect natural cure for me, so I will definately try your combo. There are several other natural things I've ordered too... Like Francincense and Myrrh cream. Will try anything rather than go back on strong meds.

    I hope you continue to get relief.

    Best wishes,


  • I find that calcium helps quite a lot. My chiropractor told me that is what they learn in their training. It causes the nerves to calm down and not be irritated. BUT not just any calcium!

    You want an easily absorbable calcium. Not hard tablets! Get either gel caps or capsules. Take a days worth thru the day, not all at once, as it is best absorbed in small amounts. So divide it up into maybe 2 or 3 doses.

    Also, there is a lot of info now about calcium settling in the arteries, which is very bad. But to prevent that from happening take Vitamin K (the m-k-7 form). You can read about this elsewhere.

    I use a brand Jarrow BoneUp, which has calcium, magnesium, zinc, vitamin k(mk7), potassium, and a few other minerals. 6 capsules give 1000mg of calcium. Calcium citrate capsules are also good (get some vitamin K as well.) I find this helps very much in keeping the nerves calm, so I feel hardly a thing. It seems there are other internal causes of RLS, but there are supplements that help the nerves themselves. (Also see my posts about Chiropractic.)

  • Oh, and I also take the iron bisglycinate - 25 mg.

  • Hello Ms. Flora. How long have you been taking the iron? Do you find that it only helps if you take it at night? I usually take it around 10pm and by 11pm my RLS (which usually starts about an hour after dinner) is gone. When I took it in the morning it did nothing for my night time RLS.

  • I had taken iron on and off for several years, but did not realize how important it is for RLS till recently. Then I started taking it more consistently, probably sometime early this year, I would say. It is advised that post menopausal women do not take iron, as they don't need as much as they would during earlier years. So sometimes I would stop taking it. I can't say positively that those would be the times that my RLS got worse again, but...

    Having looked into more info and research on RLS and finding that iron is one of the things advised, I decided to take it more frequently. And I would say it is one of the most helpful things.

  • Oh, I usually take it in the evening after dinner, or just before bed. I do take digestive enzymes with food or supplements. Maybe how one digests, uses up or otherwise processes the iron or anything else makes a difference. So time of day can certainly be an issue.

    Try calcium - as I wrote elsewhere on here - easily absorbable, with Vitamin K(mk-7) to keep it out of your arteries. I feel it, also, is very helpful in calming the nerves. I take it twice a day as it is better absorbed in smaller amounts at a time. So the 6 capsules to get 1000 mg, I take 3 after dinner, and 3 before bed.

  • I found on some occasions that antiestmines work,just a normal hay fever tablet eases my legs enough for me to sleep.

  • I tried those homeopathic remedies and got some mild relief. I now use healthyhempoil exclusively and have 80% relief after about two months and take nothing else for it.

  • For those of you suffering form Restless legs, I have some information. My husband has Parkinson's for almost 4 years now. Even before that he had terrible problems with his legs. I found this cream made by some people in Texas and it's only sold at Walgreens. It is called "Restless Legs", let me tell you, it works. It is 14.95 a jar and we have been using it for a few years now. All you do is rub this cream on your legs all over before bed or whenever needed.It really worked for him. We had them order more jars because they only kept a few. Go to Walgreens and look for it. It isn't the Restful legs so make sure you get the right jar. Just give it a try.

    As far as the meds, my husband is on Carb/Levo 5 times a day, Gabipentin, Pramipexel , Donepozel, and the side effects are worse then the disease itself. He is 78 and things are getting worse as far as his balance, dizziness, nothing helps his tremors. It is very frustrating to see him suffer like this and I would love to just take him off all of it and use some of the things everyone has talked about.

    Sorry for the spelling errors!!

  • $14.95? I'm in! Certainly can't hurt!

  • By the way, I did an internet search and WalGreens in the US is Boots for Europe. Apparently a consolidation.

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