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I have been taking Meripex for at least 10 years and I'm coming off of it slowly. I'm so excited because I was taking 2 milligrams everyday. I started taking Meripex extended .75 and it works. I stayed on the .75 milligram I guess for a couple of months and I started taking.50 lastnight. I was nervous about going down to .50 Meripex hoping I would be ok. At first my legs bothered me I guess it just lasted a couple of mins and this was before bed. I thought oh no this is not good but it went away and didn't bother me the rest of the night. I was able to lay down and went right to sleep. I'm so excited now I'm taking.50 in the regular Meripex for awhile then I will go down to .35 then drop taking it all together. I'm so excited because I feel like my body is adjusting to less and I'm not getting augmentation much at all it goes away very fast. I feel like this is giving me freedom from this medicine and it feels great!! I hope this for anyone who wants off of this medicine because of the side effects it has. I have more energy and I don't feel sick at night and have to lay down it's amazing. RLS isn't easy to have at all and I will exercise and eat right take my supplements and be med free soon. Another reason why I'm dropping this medicine is because it was not working and I felt like I was getting worse and I would be so bad at times I would walk the floors and it wouldn't stop even when I would walk. I'm not doing that anymore and I'm so grateful for that. 😊

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  • Fantastic - so pleased for you.

    Keep it up and mind yourself.😀

  • CONGRATULATIONS - I am looking to get drug free too so good to see others making it.

    Long may it last.

  • You are doing well on the detoxing. ! :) I hope you find that going med free works for you. :)

  • Artsy you are doing really well! Just a note of warning, when I weaned off Mirapex ( although my dose was nowhere near as your starting dose ) I found dropping the last little bit the hardest part. It was only literally a quarter of a 0.088 pill but it was the hardest bit. Not trying to put you off but it may be an idea to at least have some back up med for the last step, hopefully you won't need it.

    Good luck

    Pipps x

  • Really happy for you and hope you manage to get through the last stages smoothly. Keep well and take care,


  • That is fantastic Artsy - hope you do manage to get completely drug free.

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