Restless Legs Syndrome

Doing lots better with my RLS 😌

I'm doing lots better with my RLS symptoms. Have dropped down to .75 extended release Mirapex and I feel like I'm on my way. Going to .50 tonight. I'm taking vitamin supplements exercising every day eating healthy drinking lots of water that's so important never eating late and I have lost weight from 149 to 138 my goal is 130. Just wondered if Mirapex helps put weight on because since I've lowered down on my dosage of Meripex I'm dropping weight like crazy. I feel so much better I hope this for everyone I'll feel so free to not be having to take this medicine I remember years ago doctor told me he was a family doctor said this medicine that they give for RLS is a complicated medicine but he never told me why I figured it out once you get on it is hard to drop it. I've had RLS ever since I was eight years old it's been years and it's taken me all this time to try to help myself sometimes doctors don't understand. All the side effects I can't stand them so I'm changing my habits so I don't have to take it I love this group I hope everyone feels better and we can all have help like we should doctors care and understand this better.

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Absolutely delighted for you long may it last and congrats on getting off the drugs.


+raffs -- great news.

Just be careful to go down slowly- seems to me that is quite a drop from .75 to .50.

I dropped by .088 every few days- and found that just about bearable.

But as we keep finding on this site - everyone is different.

Good luck.

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When I stopped Mirapex I just stopped then after a bit went to the Dr to see about something new. He never even advised that I slowly taper off. Bloody hell the lack of knowledge out there is annoying.


😈---ah- but you were probably bouyed up with a little bit of Krat tea???



Nope not at the time. I've been battling this a long time with little success.

At that time it was spring water time!! It was a few years before I had heard of kratom unfortunately.


Glad to hear you are feeling better Artsy. Hope you manage to come off Mirapex without any problems.



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