Sarah Blanksby will be climbing mount Snowdon this coming Saturday, 08 Oct 2016, for RLS-UK!

Sarah Blanksby will be climbing mount Snowdon this coming Saturday, 08 Oct 2016, for RLS-UK!

You may recall that Sarah previously did a fundraising parachute jump for us, in memory of her brother, Andrew, who lived with RLS. Here are Sarah's own words explaining why she is once again fundraising.

Sunday 19 September 2016: Last week I became older than my brother ever reached and this week it will be 1000 days since he died. He's on my mind every single day but these last few weeks have made me at sad and its been harder.

But I keep telling myself I have everything to live for, I have a wonderful family, friends who care about me and life itself. And so I need to do something to be grateful for all it's time to climb a mountain!

Ok a few people have laughed as I am not what you call fit but then sometimes you just need a little passion and willingness and you can do anything. As long as I have plasters, comfortable shoes and my friend in tow to keep me going I can do anything, right? 😝

I am aiming to raise £100 so if you're reading this and can spare just £1, I reckon between my friends and family I can easily reach my target and donate to the same charity which helped me focus nearly 3 years ago after my bother passed away.

So please take time to press donate. It makes a different to the charity and also to motivate me to climb 3560 feet on Saturday 8 October

Thank you in advance

Sarah's Blanksby, Serene Rigby and Hayley Copson 👭🗻

You can sponsor Sarah at:

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  • Sarah is amazing and so are her family. If she and her two friends can raise £500.00 by Saturday, her employer will match the amount. They are so near their target.

    Please dig deep. A £2.00 donation from some of us will help immensely and we know we will have done our bit to spur Sarah and her friends on as they climb Mount Snowdon on Saturday to help people like us who suffer with RLS.

    If you can share the above on FB or Twitter that would be a great help too. :)

  • Thank you so much for doing this. It means a lot to know that people are doing things to help RLS Uk and those affected by RLS.

  • Thank you joolsg for donating and giving Sarah and her friends real incentive to get to the top and hopefully be able to savour the view. :)

  • Well done - I applaud you. Hope my bit helps.

  • Thank you Pam, your donation will definitely help Sarah and her friends on Saturday with their big climb and RLS-UK too. :)

  • Due to further donations, from lovely people, Sarah and her two friends have reached their target of over £500.00. She is so happy to know that £1,000 has definitely been secured for RLS-UK, as her employer is kindly matching that amount.

    Please keep donating, perhaps Sarah's employer will double the final total. Let's hope so!

  • Well done Sarah for continuing to raise awareness of RLS.

    I've added my bit to the amount raised, so thanks to Sarah for her efforts also thanks to her employer for matching what she's raised :)

  • Thank you so much booklover. It means a lot to Sarah and her friends and it does to me too. I have met Sarah and her family so it makes it all that more real for me. :)

    Thank you again :) and I agree she has a great employer. ;)

  • Total £1,510.00 now. Today is the big climb for Sarah, Serene and Hayley and they are more than ready. :)They arrived safely in Wales yesterday and enjoyed a meal out. :)

    It is great to see the support they have received from their families, friends and RLS sufferers.

    Please support the ladies if you possibly can. A £2.00 donation would be great.

    A million+ thanks for doing this sponsored climb for all of us via RLS-UK.:)

  • Message from Sarah: :-D

    "Well we have completed it!!!

    5 hours up and down

    2 falls (Sarah)

    23 trips (Hayley)

    25735 steps

    1085m high

    Now scoffing flapjack in the car!!!!"

    (I am so proud of Sarah, Hayley and Serene)♥♥♥

    £1,635.00 raised for RLS-UK :)

  • There are some lovely pictures of Sarah, Serene and Hayley's great achievement on their JustGiving page.

    Thank you so much to those from this forum that sponsored their climb. It is very much appreciated. :)

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