Restless Legs Syndrome
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Last resort

I have had RLS for 20 years. When I first had it . no one knew what it was. I suffered for years before a neurologist gave it a name and saved my life, literally. He put me on Mirapex and I was on it for many years. I had to up the dose many times. I then did some research on the drug and got worried about the long term side effects. I worked with my doctor and I weaned myself off the Mirapex with small doses of Hydramorphone. It took awhile but it worked. I was so relieved to be free of the Mirapex, even though it worked so well for me. I am now on the Hydramorphone but I just suffered a bout of depression, which I have had all my life and take meds for.

I needed to up my depression meds but before I did I ended up in bed for two weeks.

My RLS was constant, being in bed all the time. I had to keep upping my dose of the Hydramorphone. I called my doctor and told her I didn't want to start down that path.

She prescribed Butrans 5mg patch. This is to be changed every 7 days.

I was wondering if any of you have tried this Medicine? I had to take 4 mg of the Hydramorphine at 3 am because my RLS started up. This just seems like another dangerous route to be on but I am desperate to live a life free of the RLS. I don't want to be on any more drugs that interferes with my CNS. It looks like the painkillers are the last resort for me. I would love some feedback about the Butrans patch. The good thing about the patch is that it is slow release, so it protects me, in a way, from the RLS to hit me hard. I am with all of you with regard to living with RLS. It is a living hell. I have it in my arms as well. I don't find the temperature makes a difference but I cant take heavy blankets on me. This is a horrible thing to have to live with and I have passed it on to my Son.

Sweet dreams fellow sufferers!

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Hi I haven't used Butrans patch but I know a couple of people have had good results with it. You may get more feedback on another Healthunlocked forum I belong to called Pain Concern as it is on there that I have seen Butrans discussed. Like you I have passed RLS down to my daughter just like my mother passed it down to me. I suppose you know that some antidepressant meds make RLS much worse for vast majority of us. Which one do you take? ..Good luck with the patch. ..Pipps x


Hi yes quite agree anybody with this can't have a normal life .i do get it in my arms but not so much now . I had the past ch which made me worse I was so down with the patch and at work could not function and was so tired but it did not help .


Try Ropinerole. It works!


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