Restless Legs Syndrome
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Relief at last

I have suffered from RLS for many years, over the years it has gone from annoying to painful.

Doctor prescribed me with Sifrol, at first it was one at night then two then three.

The pain worsened and with no sleep for 3 days at a time, straight back to the doctor I went. Doc prescribed me with a patch called Norspan, which I wear for 7 days.

The relief I have gotten from this patch is unbelievable.

I understand I won't be on the patch long-term, but to be able to sleep, rest, walk etc for now has brought me back to

Regards Suzie

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That's great any relief is great?


That's brilliant Suzie, opioids work well on RLS so really great that you're getting relief and sleep.


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Glad you got it sorted, many Drs dick about and make things worse. Hope it lasts.

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I had the op for varicose viens a laser

That seems to help me pleased your getting some relief.


Hello Suzie

I hope you are continuing to obtain relief on Norspan, however I would not give up on Sifrol which I believe is pramipexole. This being a dopamine agonist has a key role in helping RLS. I would discuss with your doctor before re- starting but it could be that your starting dose had not had time to provide effective benefit before you stopped taking.

Using a morphine based drug in combination with a dopamine agonist can bring improved control over a period of time: Dopamine agonists often lose effectiveness over 6 months to a year and may require changing to an alternative agonist every 6 months or so and clearly you should be having regular review with your doctor or neurologist.

Pierre Herve


Norspan is an opiod patch like Butrans , used for post op pain relief. Excellent controll of rls. But the Drs won't keep you on it.

Depending on the level you are on , you will suffer withdrawal when coming off it. That will involve rls as part of the symptoms- not to be confused with real rls!!!- So don't panic. You should be put on Tramadol or Oxycontin to help with the withdrawal and that again will control the rls.

If they allow you to stay with that , you're made. If not , then you need to look at regular rls medications.

The best of luck.

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Madlegs is quite correct about the rls-like symptoms attendant upon opiate withdrawal. Definitely consider Tramadol or Oxycontin since opiates seem to be effective for you. It might be worth looking at other possibilities also (eg Pregabalin/Gabapentin or even low dose dopamine agonist - be sure to keep to the minimum dose however) as in general I have found it optimum to take a combination of drugs at a lower dose than rely on a larger dose of a single drug.


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