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Hi all, I might sound silly but I really believe this could help me.

During a RLS attack at night, as soon as stand up I find relieve and the awful feeling in the legs disappear. It is hard to stay awake in a standing position when very tired, they eyes close down and in a matter of a second you risk to fall down on the floor.

This is my idea: sleeping in a hanging position, basically getting support under my armpits but still putting weight on the legs. Perhaps a simple bedlinen hanging from a staircase could sustain me in that position.

Has anybody tried that? I will post the result of this test but still curious to see if something already done with negative results.


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  • When I used to walk about at night what you are saying is how I felt ,if someone could make a cross then you could put your arms over the top and hang there ,it never happened but I thought a good idea

  • Somebody posted here about an unusual sleeping position (aka weird 😈) involving lying upside down against the wall or suchlike.!!?? a while ago.

    If it works for you and doesn't frighten the children - then go for it.😅

    Good luck.

  • Try to lay on the couch and put your feet up over the back of the couch (like a backward L shape). The higher you can get your feet the better. I have had some success with this before.

  • what about leaning over a kitchen counter/breakfast bar?

    Maybe tie a sleeping bag to one of those 'chin-up' bars you put between the door?

    Anything that can bring relief is worth a try.

  • For years my sleeping position was leaning over the dustbin (trash can ) Lol ..Pipps x

  • Hi,

    The RLS is terrible and people who don't suffer with it would never understand what it's like.

    I found my cure by accident, my GP put me on Dippipanome Cyclizine for a severe back injury in 1997, I realised when taking the drug I had no RLS at all. At that time I didn't even know what RLS was.

    The awful urge that drove me mad had stopped. I started to Google the symptoms as the Internet improved, only then I realised I had RLS

    I can definitely say that I do not suffer any side effects from this medication.

    Yorkshire UK


  • Thanks for the info. Is this the medicine and dosage you are taking?

  • Yes your correct.


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