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Restless Legs Syndrome
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Laying position

Hi, am a 27 year old male who has had RLS for about 8 years with fluctuating severity. I have tried all sorts of legal and illegal things to stop the pain and get some sleep. One of the things i do that is sometimes a quick win is as follows.

Lay on my left hand side with my right leg directly resting on my left leg (left is more restless) my right knee pushes into my left knee and my right foot has its whole weight on my left foot. It works best when your legs are a bit bent, roughly 40 degrees at the knee.

You should feel your right leg knee bones and foot bones gently digging into your left leg and it is this pressure sensation that sometimes cures my RLS enough to be able to get to sleep. I know when I have done it properly because instead of RLS I get twitching in other areas of my body, usually the back and shoulders.

Hope this helps at least once, as I say it does not work all of the time but definitely helps.

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*gently digging into your left knee bone and foot *


Not so much a 'cure' as a distraction method.


Hi and welcome to the site. I hope you will find all sorts of things to try for relief.

Some of our members have found that pressure does relieve the symptoms for a while. There have been posts from people who have had relief from compression socks or stockings. It seems that when the brain gets "pressure" signals it responds with a calming feeling but when it gets a "pain" signal it responds with RLS triggering.

I hope your technique works for you for a long time.



Hi Neil. My rls is worse in my left leg(not sure why). When I wake up with pain at night before I even get out of bed I put on an older knee high compression stocking and get some relief almost immediately. I never go to bed without my stockings on my nightstand within reach. I usually save older ones because they are just stretched out enough to provide the right amount of pressure. I don't try to sleep in them because that approach doesn't help. My compression stockings go everywhere with me- to the hospital-anywhere I may have to spend the night. Does anyone else do this? Sounds weird, I know, but it works for me.

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I find doing a head stand while sleeping helps lol

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Hi Bossy50 Wish I could still do a headstand. LOL back. irina1975

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