Sleeping on a rope!!

It came to me in a flash after watching an interview with the producer of the Victorian Age Experience on Breakfast TV. In Victorian times some poor individuals had to sleep standing up leaning over a series of ropes. Now would that not be a marvellous contraption to have in the bedroom in case RLS prevented one from sleeping lying down. I am typing this sitting up in bed with my legs stretched out trying to escape the traumas of rls.

For the record I am 70 and after a prostate operation in 2012 my rls became intolerable. I was prescribed Ropinirole but found that by taking one 50gm Tramadol capsule and one 0.50gm Ropinirole tablet I was able to sleep soundly every night until last night when I fear that the medication is starting not to work!

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  • You have me hanging by a thread!


  • One bad night can mean anything in RLS land. Eaten a food which was a trigger, or drink.. taken a OTC med which can trigger off RLS. Sometimes the meds just stop working for no reason, the start working again. Nothing works 100% all the time. So, i would give it a few more days to see if it settles back down.

  • One bad night means nothing ,I have just been away for a week the first night hell then 4 nights perfect then another bad night home now so we will see

  • Hello Beady3 & Slides. I am thinking of you both & hope you are having a good nights sleep! My second night - awake at 2.30am but at least had 3 hours good sleep!! Now what? I am wondering should I try to reset the o'l body's mechanism and suffer maybe two nights without meds? I did that a few weeks ago and it left me feeling like a Zombie but it seemed to work? Who knows!! Does anybody know whether the RLS TV programme ever appeared

  • I had to laugh when I read this post, I saw the same program and when I saw people sleeping hanging over the ropes I thought to myself that's similar to what I had wanted to try and do before I discovered Tramadol !!

    I've often thought its a shame they don't make those baby bouncy chair things they hang in doorways for adults, I'm sure there would be market for them even if it's just us RLSers 😁 !!

  • I guess the market must be a million. Maybe the profit should go towards rls research. Anyone out there with design skills

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