Restless Legs Syndrome

Just prescribed Quinine

Hi, I have viewed some of your posts and thought I would open myself up to you. Over the past few days I have endured the worst restless leg and arm attacks in my life. I have always had it in a very mild way, and rarely, but over the past few weeks it has increased to very intense levels (no sleep in two days ... well, a couple of hours only). I suffer from fibromyalgia and take Dihdrocodine, paracetamol, Butrans patches and Naproxen. I fly to America tomorrow and out of desperation went to my doctor and he has prescribed 300mg of Quinine. After reading some of your posts I am concerned that this 1. mat not work and 2. may be a harmful thing to take? I would just appreciate your thoughts and advice. Thank you!

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Quinnine is no good for RLS cramps yes RLS no.

What dose of Dihydrocodeine are you on? Normally those sort of drugs really help.

You've left it late for much help, but you could maybe try taking extra painkillers, (obviously taking good care not to take too much).

Maybe try some Iron and Magnesium supplements to see if you can get some relief that way, (take Iron on empty stomach at night/evening).

Hope you have a nice trip away.


Thank you Raffs, I really appreciate your reply! I take 2 x 30mg Dihydrocodeine every 4 hours. I will get some Iron and Magnesium. I do have very low Vitamin D levels for which I am going to take 20,000 UI supplements starting today. I don't know if this effects the RLS. I really want to sleep to be honest but it is so much worse when I lie down? Take care and thank you!


That's a good dose of Dihydrocodeine, I'm surprised its not giving you good relief!

Did you always have the RLS or has it developed later in life? I know many here get relief from RLS using Tramadol but for others it makes it worse, I wonder if it could be the same in your case?


I use to take Tramadol. i've had fibre for 18 years, diagnosed for about 6 ... unbelievable. I use to do fencing and play high impact squash ... how life has changed! I've always had mild sensations in my legs now and again, it feels as if they are wet?, but this attack over the past week has been off the scale, arms and legs, plus pains in the back of my head? Thank you for taking the time to reply, it's very good of you.


Any advice for long haul flights. To be honest my arms and wrists are far worse than my legs at the moment, is this the same for anyone else?

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I take a vitimin its magnesium calcium and zinc I think it's helps me with my .75 m of meripex I hope you feel better this RLS is hard to understand. I get it in my legs and arms too I think having it in my arms are worse than my legs. It can be exchausting.


Thank you for your reply Artsy, I'm going out to get some magnesium calcium and zinc ... and iron today. Yes, the arms are far worse to deal with, I'm an artist and writer, yes, exhausting! Thank you again!


Hi there. I got prescribed quinine today from the doctor. But don't know if am going to take it. As am also trying to find out if anyone had been taking it and does it work. My legs constantly ache all day from my ankles upwards. I bought magnesium creme to rub into my legs. It helps for a hour and them back to rey sore legs again. Don't know how much more pain in my legs I can take anyanore 😢


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